Holiday-a-Thon #7 Christmas With the Kranks (2004)

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Christmas With The Kranks posterWhen Luther and Nora Krank’s daughter leaves to join the peace corps. they decides to skip Christmas and it causes quite the discomfort for all the people around them. Their neighborhood becomes crazed with the Kranks avoiding Christmas, harassing them about decorations, buying calendars, they even have the newspaper write about them not celebrating Christmas. It’s almost cult-like, the way they berate the poor Kranks. And when their daughter surprises them by coming home wanting to celebrate Christmas like always, all hell breaks loose for the Kranks, as they struggle to throw their annual Christmas party. Chaos and madness all around.

The movie has an overall Christmassy feel to it, beginning to end, but one thing that stand out is Tim Allen’s overall perfect timing. He’s brilliant in the Santa Clauseseries, but he’s definitely bringing his A-game in this one. Another thing I really enjoyed about this film was Dan Aykroyd. His performance as Vic Frohmeyer, the neighborhood Christmas fürher, was one of the best things (I think) he’s done since Ghostbusters. The rest of the cast is pretty basic, doing what so many others could have done, but Aykroyd and Allen are without a doubt the highlights of the film.

As a whole, Christmas With the Kranks was a decent enough holiday film. It can definitely be enjoyed for a nice family time, but I doubt I’ll be aching to see it next year, if even the year after that, so it’s not a contender for my Top5.

If you tune in again later tonight, I’ll be dropping some thoughts on the John Hughes-penned classic Home Alone, but until then….


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