Holiday-a-Thon #8 Home Alone (1990)

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Home Alone, as stated on the DVD-cover “a family comedy without the family.”. Over the last 20 odd years, this movie has probably been under the microscope by thousands of critics all over the world so there’s not really much I can say about it that haven’t already been said already, but hey, let’s drop some thoughts on it any way, shall we…

The first thing that comes to mind (to me) when I think about this movie is; What kind of Christmas would it be without this fantastic classic?
Well, truth be told, I don’t think it would be any different with or without, but that doesn’t mean one does not want to see it.

Home Alone reunionHome Alone is the kind of movie that works all year round, but it’s still a Christmas film of great significance. Not only because of the masterful penmanship of John Hughes (who we all know was one of the greatest of all time), and not only because the movie is hilarious from start to finish, but it have so much heart and I dare each and every single one of you out there not to well up when mother and son are reunited in the end. Sheer movie magic, if you ask me!

But what is it, that makes this movie so great? Well, to be honest I think, apart from the script, that the actors are what makes it great. Macaulay Culkin as Kevin the home alone-kid is amazing. Everything he does is just so wonderfully timed, from the “damn it”-face when his grocery bags breaks to his shrugging the snow off his body after sledding down the stairs to the sheer panic in his face (and voice) when he puts on aftershave. Just a magnificent performance from start to finish. And the burglars, oh wow! Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern are probably my all-time favorite movie duo and I can’t seem to stop laughing whenever they get hit with something in the face. The only thing I’ve never laughed at is when Marv rams his foot down a nail….. that shit’s just painful!

The supporting cast is not at all too shabby either. Catherine O’Hara and John Heard both delivers portrayals of loving parents and you can really see the panic in O’Hara’s eyes when she realizes they left Kevin at home. And that scene between Kevin and old man Marley in the church. Thank you, Roberts Blossom, for that, that was just beautiful!

This may be a movie that works all year round, but it is still one of my all time favorite movies to watch during the holidays, so it gets a guaranteed spot on my Top5. Which spot is that? you ask…. well, you just have to wait and see for that one. Tomorrow I’ll be taking a loot at another “oldie but goldie”, Scrooged, the Bill Murray-take on Charles Dickens’ old classic. But until then….


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