Holiday-a-Thon #10 A Christmas Story (1983)

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A Christmas Story posterA Christmas Story, based somewhat on Jean Shepherd’s novel ‘In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash, and directed by Bob Clark. This film, albeit a certain Christmas classic already, is one unusual piece of cinema. It tells the story of Ralphie, who is through a series of ingenious schemes, trying to convince his parents, teacher And Santa, that a B.B. gun is the perfect Christmas gift. Take this inevitably intriguing plot, mix it with a father who is overly enthusiastic about furnaces and lamps alike, a skeptic mother and what can only be described as a child’s fever dreams, all narrated by the author (Jean Shepherd) as old Ralphie…. yeah, that makes for an unusual piece of cinema.

Sure it’s a Christmas film. The movie oozes Christmas from the very start, with the holiday music and the scenery with Santa Clauses and the Salvation Army on every street corner, but it shows us (I would think) pretty accurately how life was for a child back in those days, so this film feels more suitable for people who were actually grown when this movie came out in the early 80’s rather than it’s suitable for children (or even families), so this is one movie I won’t be watching again next year!

Next up on the Holiday-a-thon is gonna be a good’n, I think. But until then…


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