Holiday-a-Thon #11 Fred Claus (2007)

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Fred Claus posterFred claus. What could one say about this one? Well, first off, it’s a movie about two brothers growing apart. Second, the brothers just happens to be Santa Clause and his brother Fred. Intriguing, huh? Yeah I thought so.

Well, the story of the movie is about Santa Claus’ naughty brother who uses a plot to shut down Christmas to redeem himself. There is nothing special at all regarding this plot. They reuse the same old clichés we’ve seen a hundred times over, but somehow it works. Vince Vaughn does one of his (imo) best performances as Fred Claus and even though he does bring a lot of his old tricks, when accompanied by Paul Giamatti as Saint Nick, it makes for a great film.

Supporting the Claus-brothers is John Michael Higgins as Willie, Santa’s head elf, Elizabeth Banks as Charlene, Santa’s little helper, Trevor Peacock and Kathy Bates as Papa and Mother Claus and Rachel Weisz as Fred’s love interest, and we also have Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges as Santa’s own DJ Donnie, and they all did their jobs well. But, the one that stood out was Kevin Spacey as Clyde the efficiency expert who is trying to shut down Christmas. All of them together is a great cast ensemble and together with a soundtrack that gives the film a little more Rock ‘n roll feel to it than usual, it makes for one of my favorite Christmas movies.

With that said, I’m gonna go watch another movie so I have something to talk to you about later on tonight. But until then….


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