Holiday-a-Thon #14 In Bed with Santa (1999)

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Tomten är far till Alla BarnenWhen Sara invites her three ex-husbands and their families to celebrate the yuletide season, her current spouse Janne is quite opposed, feeling left out of the decision making but he eventually gives in. But just as we all know Christmas comes but once a year, so do we know that the celebrations takes some wrong turns along the way. When the booze kicks in, the fighting begins and in the midst of all the holiday cheer, racial slurs and really awkward incestrious undertones, Sara announces her being pregnant, which for Janne comes as a Ginormous surprise, seeing as he had a vasectomy two years earlier. More drinking ensues, Janne goes all Spanish inquisition on the men and a drunk Santa gets blamed for everything that has gone wrong. Yeah, sounds like a normal Christmas celebration, doesn’t it….. well, maybe not a “Normal” Christmas celebration, but it sure beats sitting at home and fiddling the whiskey bottle all alone, I think. Yeah, deranged Christmas chaos over lonesome drinking any day.

This film has with its (then) crème de la crème ensemble cast, along with the very talented director Kjell Sundvall, established itself as a Swedish Christmas TV staple and some network always shows the movie either on Christmas eve or Christmas day. Sure, even though it may not be the greatest film ever made, it has some very clever dialogue and some fantastic acting, so it holds a certain value among classics and I am almost looking forward to next year when I get to watch it again. If I don’t catch it on Christmas, that is.

Tomorrow is a new day, so make sure you tune in for some thought-dropping on another classic, Gnomes, and maybe even some Charlie Brown, so make sure you’ll be back. But until then……


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