Holiday-a-Thon #16 Elf (2003)

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Elf bannerWhat to say about this one? Well, it’s kinda easy, actually. Elf is a typical Will Ferrell-movie, spiced with a Christmas theme. Nothing more, nothing less. Sure, it has some funny moments, but it’s not a laugh-out-loud kind of film and even though it is a Christmas movie, I don’t think it’s a particularly good one. The best thing about this film though, is James Caan. He brings a spectacular skepticism about Buddy (Ferrell) being his kid along with the skepticism about Christmas as a whole to the screen like no other man could. Absolutely brilliant acting from an amazing actor. He absolutely carries the entire movie.

No, this won’t be ending up on my Top5 come 25th, but it’s a pretty safe film to watch with your kids and/or people that are just bored out of their minds. As I missed publishing this last night, this will be the first of three posts today so that I’ll be back on track again with the dailys, so be sure to tune in later today for some more reading, but until then…


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