Holiday-a-Thon #17 A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

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A Charlie Brown Christmas posterThe holiday season is closing in but still Charlie Brown is depressed. This Peanuts-special revolves around Charlie’s dismay with the over-commercialization of the Holidays and him finding the true meaning of Christmas. Classic Charlie Brown, I think, but it’s nice to see them all interact in a Christmassy way, with Snoopy decorating his doghouse for a Christmas light contest and what not. Good ol’ Peanuts-fun for the whole family.

As far as the Peanuts-cartoons goes, this is definitely one of my favorites (along with It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown) but as far as Christmas movies goes, well…. yeah, this is definitely one of the Great classics but it doesn’t quite do what’s needed to earn a yearly view. It is after all just a Peanuts special, and you can watch those anytime of the year, no matter the season, and it’ll still be a decent viewing.

A close call for Charlie Brown, but he just barely managed to stay off my Definitive Top5. Next up on my to-do list will be Four Christmases so be sure to tune in later tonight for some thoughts. But until then…..


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