Holiday-a-Thon #18 Four Christmases (2008)

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Four Christmases posterHey, look everybody, it’s another Christmas movie with Vince Vaughn. How about that! This one is not nearly as good as Fred Claus though. Sure, Reese Witherspoon is great in it, but she’s great in pretty much everything so no surprise there. The thing that makes this movie bad though, is the story. A couple trying to celebrate Christmas with all of their divorced parents in one day? Nah, that would never happen. And the whole thing is so poorly executed that I was actually bored 5 minutes in to the movie, and that is Never a good sign. Nope, this is one film that I won’t be watching again anytime soon.

Next up is Arthur Christmas, but you’ll have to wait a few hours for that. And with this post, I am back on track for the daily’s, so the Arthur Christmas-post tonight will be the 19th in the Holiday-a-thon. Wow, I’m actually getting a bit sick of Christmas movies…… but hey, I won’t quit as long as you’re reading. So check in again tonight for a read. And as always, until then….


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