Holiday-a-Thon #22 The Santa Clause (1994)

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The Santa Clause posterChristmas is rampantly closing in and with that, the 2014 Holiday-a-thon is coming to a close, with only It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas and It’s a Wonderful Life left to go. But first, let’s take a look at The Santa Clause.

First off, Tim Allen is absolutely magnificent in this film. Like I said earlier in the -thon, he is brilliant in this (and the two followups too of course) as the titular character, with his comedic timing, his facial expressions and his exceptional body language. But that’s not all, no…. he actually manages to convey an emotional non-indifference, pulling the audience in for a fantastic performance!

The movie itself, well…. it’s not too shabby, actually. The story about Scott Calvin (Allen), a man who after inadvertently killing Santa Clause has to take his place as the New Santa Clause? Yeah, that feels pretty original to me. Well, maybe not nowadays since it’s been done now, but back then. And the way we’re treated with the whole “North Pole and Santa’s workshop” scenario is yet again in this -thon brought to us in a very inventive way. The plot about Scott Calvin taking over the mantle as Santa is later on in the film strengthened by his visitation rights with his son being questioned by his ex-wife, Laura, and her new husband, Neil, (Wendy Carson and Judge Reinhold respectively). The emotional trauma caused by not being allowed to see his son is extraordinarily strong and Allen does a wonderful job with it.

From start to finish, I think this movie is an utter delight to watch. I have actually watched this movie (and its sequels) every Christmas for the last 3 or 4 years and I bet I’ll be watching them again next year. But did it (this one only) make the cut for my Top5? Tune in on Thursday to find out. But until then….


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