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The 25th of December, Christmas Day, which means that my Christmas movie marathon, a.k.a the 2014 Holiday-a-thon is at an end. But with that ending, I have promised you a look at my Must-watch Christmas movie list, so without further ado, I present to you, the ‘Tango’s Definitive Xmas Top5’, but before I dive in to it, I wanna drop an honorable mention to you… and that one is The Santa ClauseProbably the closest 6th-place of all time, I’d say, just barely beaten by the #5. Don’t worry, there’s always room for some Tim Allen-santa in my life around the holidays, it’s just not a top5 contender. But let’s get to it, shall we!

Coming in on the #5 spot is…
#5 Fred Claus

This film about Santa Claus’ naughty brother may not be on many people’s lists, but is sure is on mine. The brilliant chemistry between Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti accompanied with the semi-original plot, well… it’s hard to put my finger on what it is, but whatever it is, it sure does it for me. Add to it an amazing soundtrack and it gives me exactly what I want from a Christmas-themed movie.

Next up on my list on the #4 spot is…
#4 In bed with SantaIn bed with Santa (as is its international title). Guaranteed to be on a lot of Swedish people’s lists and it’s understandable. The story of a husband and his shared intimacy with his Christmas guests…. well, it would be a lie to say that it’s anything other than awkward, but it still holds a certain value to us Swedes, as it basically shows exactly how we celebrate Christmas in Sweden (apart from the semi-incestuous undertones, that is). The chaos, the fighting (the drinking) and the cheer, we have all been a part of it some time or another in our lives.

Coming in on my #3 spot is…
#3 Miracle on 34th StreetNow, keep in mind that this is the remake from 1994, so if you wanted the original to make a guest-appearance on this list, you were mistaken. But… that doesn’t mean that it won’t pop up next year. However, the film about a man claiming to be Santa… what can be more Christmas than that? Not much, but add to that an astonishing performance from Richard Attenborough and you have yourself a miracle. Amazing, how much Christmas you can get from one movie!

Coming in as a runner-up in this year’s Definitive Top5 on the #2 spot is…
#2 Home AloneAgain, what can I say about this movie that hasn’t already been said? The chemistry between Stern and Pesci is fantastic. Maculkin is brilliant as Kevin, the kid left home alone and both Heard and O’Hara does an amazing job with what they’re given. And yeah, sure the movie doesn’t scream Christmas like some of the others on this list does, as it actually works just as well in July as it does at Christmas, but I think that people would be confused if they saw a Xmas-list without it, and I would be as well. And the fact that it’s penned by the always great John Hughes, well that just pushes it toward the top of the list as it is a brilliant, wonderful and Great motion picture!

And now, ladies and germs, the movie that takes the cake. The film that brings home the bacon. The movie that carves the turkey. My, Tango’s #1 Definitive Christmas Must-Watch Film is…
#1 It's a Wonderful LifeYou got it, one of the greatest Christmas movies of all time! What’s that, you don’t believe me? I dare you to find a Christmas Top-list without it!
Sure, as I said in yesterday’s review, even though it may not have a Christmassy feel to it, with it not taking place on Christmas and all. What?! Yeah, I know it does… kinda. The movie starts and ends on Christmas Eve (the same Christmas Eve, in fact), with the Angels taking an interest in George Bailey’s life in the beginning and when everything turns out well in the end. But what is it that makes it the greatest Christmas film of all time, then? Well for starters, I think it’s become quite the tradition. Much like the In Bed with Santa-scenario here in Sweden, we’ve all come to expect it being shown on TV around the holidays. Secondly, if you dissect the story of the film, you’ll find nothing short of a (very) detailed Christmas miracle. Think of it as a Christmas miracle-walkthrough. Not to forget, whenever I’ve watched this film, I’m filled with a sense of hope and joy and that’s an effect that’s extremely rare for a film to have.

Well, there you have it, my Definitive Top5. Do you agree with it? If not, what would you change about it? Which movie would take what film’s place? Let me know, ’cause it’s always fun to see how others think. Anywho, with this year’s holiday season coming to a close, I’ll be doing my New Years-think and get back to you when I feel I have something I’d like to share, but until then……. Merry Christmahanakwanzika …. or as a sane person would say; Happy Holidays!


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