#Tak3n – It Ends Here – review

So there it was, the year 2008 and the movie Taken changed the ‘lone man against an army’-genre forever when director Pierre Morel introduced us to Liam Neeson’s ‘Bryan Mills’. And as it turns out, that movie was just the beginning, as Neeson now have 3 turns as the ex-CIA agent Mills under his belt. I saw the third installment of the franchise, so I thought i’d drop some thoughts on it, right here, for you to read…

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I can make this review really short, by saying something like ‘It was a good movie if it was a stand-alone action film and not a third installment of a trilogy’ or something to that effect, or… I can draw it out a bit, which is what I think I’ll be doing. But don’t get me wrong, that stand-alone action film-statement is true. This film would’ve been badass if it were just that, but alas, it is the third in a trilogy so let’s take a look at why it wasn’t badass, because it wasn’t.

Oh, right….. SPOILER-ALERT!!

First off, the bad guy in this film is shown right off the bat, taking away precisely all of the suspense (if it ever was any) in that whole ‘who dun’it?!’-scenario and even though (here comes a spoiler) he wasn’t the mastermind behind it all, it came as little to no surprise at all when it was revealed who was actually behind it. And to drop one of the most cliché motives of all time (insurance money) as the reason behind his actions? Well, that was just lazy and utterly ridiculous! Also, by switching the actor from the first one (Xander Berkeley) to this one (Dougray Scott)….. yeah, that’s pretty much a tell right there, to use one of the usual (and bad ones) Hollywood bad guys. Also, to recast the part, was stupid too.

Another thing that really brought this movie down a few pegs was the overly exhausted sub-plot of Bryan’s family being disappointed in him and his not being there bla bla…. the dude saved your asses TWICE, shut the f*ck up and show some gratitude, for Chris’ sake!! Good riddance that Famke’s Lenore got killed off early on, ’cause I wouldn’t have been able to stand her face for the entire movie. Also, that whole OCD-thing Forest Whitaker’s detective character had, nah, I didn’t buy it for a second. We’re shown that stupid chess-piece and his damn rubber band all throughout the film and the only time any of it mattered, was when he put the rubber band over Bryan Mills’ case file, meaning (to him, not to us) that the case was closed. It was a poorly executed plot device if anything.

Well…. I didn’t like the movie very much, so I don’t think I’ll bother writing any more about it, so I’ll leave you with this. Liam Neeson is as good as he’ll get in this one. You’ve seen it all in his back catalog and you’ll probably see it again really soon, so this movie is not one to look for again in the near future. Maybe I’ll acquire it along with the trilogy box-set or something, but other than that, naah…..Tango’s ‘Stamp of DENIED’ received!

More reviews coming your way, along with my thoughts on American Sniper (I know it’s delayed but it’s a sore subject, alright, and it’s a lot to process!) so be sure to tune in from time to time. Also, drop by my Facebook-page and Twitter account and drop a click, so you’ll never miss out on any good stuff.

So, more good stuff coming soon, but until then….


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