#TheWalkingDead – Tango’s The Walking Thoughts pt.1

As the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead drew near, I started binge watching the show from the start, and when doing so, there’s been a few things that stuck with me more than others. Keep in mind now that I have never read the comics, but here are some of my thoughts on the show, starting from Shane’s psychotic break up until episode 9 of season 3, entitled The Suicide King (more or less). And so, without further ado, I give to you…

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Shane and Rick - Forest ambushThe character of Shane, played by Jon Bernthal, was far from a favorite of mine. From the scene in the car in the beginning, to the very end, I thought he was a dick and all I wanted to do was throw my fist in his face. I’ve heard a lot of people who’ve read the comics say that Bernthal portrayed the character brilliantly, and if so, kudos. I also did somewhat enjoy his performance toward the end when he snapped. Bernthal gave us a visualization beyond others of how a mind can get twisted and turn on yourself, so props for a good performance there. But after he snapped and lured Rick out through the forest to kill him, and his plan backfired, I was relieved that Shane was out of the picture. One of the best Yes!-moments of the show, in my opinion. His “return” as Rick’s hallucination in the Woodbury-bonanza was pretty nice though, with him looking all Wolverine-like but luckily that was over as soon as he pulled the trigger.

Another thing that I’ve been noticing throughout the show is, that whenever they are attacked by walkers, everyone seems to be crack shots, taking the walkers out with headshot after headshot from yards away, but every time there’s a shootout “man to man”, like when they attack Woodbury to save Glenn and Maggie in season 3 for instance, no one seems to be hitting anything (with the exception of Rick’s gun slingin’ in the bar) and I can’t seem to think that there’s something wrong with that picture? It’s not because their targets are moving, ’cause the walkers move pretty sporadically, so there’s gotta be just one of those things we’ve gotten used to in the 80’s action movies, where the bad guys never hit anything but the good guys does. Or is it, simply enough, the people behind the show not wanting to shed “human blood”? Like, killing walkers is fine and dandy, but not the humans? If so, I think they should take a good hard look on their reasoning behind it.

David Morrissey The Governor insaneSpeaking of Woodbury, how about that Governor, huh? Damn, that’s one deranged man, I gotta say. Sure, I get that anyone would go through some serious changes in their personality when loosing a child, but to keep his daughter locked up in a straight-jacket behind a grating? And top that off with him keeping severed heads in fish tanks? Yeah, that dude is severely messed up in the head, I’ll tell ya! David Morrissey does a bang-up job of it, though, delivering one hell of a performance. And even though the character actually sucks donkey balls (in terms of being a good or bad guy, that is), he is an intriguing character none the less. Sure, the series slowed down a bit at the beginning of the season, which I blame the Governor for, but it picks up pretty good after a while, which I also kinda blame the Governor (and his insanity) for. So good on ya, sorry you had to loose an eye, though! Which happens during one badass brawl between the Governor and Michonne, by the way. Speaking of, why did they brawl? Well, that one’s kinda simple to answer. They brawl because Michonne finds Penny, the Governor’s daughter, trapped behind the grating, snarling, hooded and chained, and (pardon my language here) as the dumb b*tch she is, she didn’t think twice about Why that snarling, hooded girl was chained? Yeah, dumbass b*tch! Anyway, the Governor, or Philip, walks in just as she’s about to samurai the girl to death and the brawl ensues. There you go. And I still, after seeing Michonne unlashing Penny’s chains three of four times now, can’t for the life of me understand WHY the Hell she did that?! Just dumb, is what it was…..

This thought-ramblin’ is coming to an end so I thought I’d leave you with a few lesser thoughts before I go, with the first one being a two-fer. When Shane died I said ‘Yes’ quietly to myself, but when both Andrea and Lori died, I quietly shouted ‘YES!!’ and made a fist in the air. From the very beginning of the show, these two ladies have gotten on my nerves so many times that I can’t even count so when they both died, I was a happy man!! Hated them both. The characters, though, Not the actresses. They both did fine, or… maybe more than fine? Maybe that’s why I hated them so much, ’cause both Sarah Wayne Callies and Laurie Holden did a fantastic job with their characters? Hmm, never thought about that ’til now. Huh, anyways, the last thing I’m thinking about today is, after Hershel looses his leg (in a badass way none the less), Scott Wilson, who plays Hershel, most likely was wearing one of those now infamous green screen-socks so they could digitally remove his lower leg, but in one scene (maybe more, I have’t noticed) in episode 9, The Suicide King, you can clearly see his leg still being there, shining through the digital removal, just below his knee. It’s nothing big, really, I just thought it was a fun little mistake they made, that’s all…

Anyways, that’s all for now, I think….. Yeah, that’s all I have for you tonight, but I’m actually gonna go watch some more TWD right now, so be sure to tune in later for The Walking Thoughts pt.2, coming maybe sometime next week(?), but until then…


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