#TheWomanInBlack – A Horror review

I know, I know, the movie came out a few years ago, but come on..  but I finally saw it! So, a horror movie based off of a book, and not a Stephen King-one? Well, that just can’t be any good, can it? Let’s take a walk down Tango lane and find out, shall we…

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As I said, The Woman In Black is a horror film based off of the book by the same name, by author Susan Hill, and I really must say, that for a (to me) completely unknown author, she really did prove herself a good one. How can I say that about a book when it’s the movie I’m reviewing? That’s easy. The movie was a damn good one and in my experience it goes like this; if the movie is good, the book is better! Actually, I’m going to read the book as well, sometime…

But on to the movie, then…
As far as horror movies goes, and you know this about me already, I’m severely desensitized and not at in the slightest easily scared by them. It’s just the way it is after watching thousands of horror movies growing up, but every once in a while a movie comes along that puts me in my tidy little place. The last time it was Sinister (read my review on that Here) and now, we have The Woman In Black.

The Woman in BlackThe film is a pretty basic ghost story but the way it was executed was the main reason for its scariness (creep factor), with it both showing us and withholding The woman at the same time, which is not an easy feet. Hammer (Yeah, THAT Hammer) Film Productions seems to be utilizing every single thing they’ve learned over the years, compiling it into one masterpiece of horror cinema, and that is exactly what The Woman In Black is, a masterpiece! You have some jump scares, sure, but the movie doesn’t rely on them to survive, more utilizing them when needed, building up to them with just the right amount of creepy before they throw them in your face, and when they do, you do jump. And the way they built the suspense in the film, with the absence of music at times and the creepy imagery of dead children, along with abnormally disturbing ambiance, it was pure horror magic!

The acting in the film was definitely on the north side of awful, with Daniel Radcliffe giving a truly disturbing performance. Yes, we do see some Harry Potter in there from time to time, but you can definitely see that he has grown as an actor. He pretty much carried the film on his own, with a minor supporting ensemble, with Ciarán Hinds being the only one worth mentioning. Sure, I guess you can say that Liz White did a great job as the Woman, but it’s difficult to say that the part couldn’t be played by someone else, ’cause it’s a very small part after all.

This film did not in the slightest need a sequel so the reasoning behind the films sequel, The Woman In Black 2; Angel of Death is somewhat of a mystery to me, but I’m guessing it has something to do with money. However, I am 100% certain that it won’t be even nearly as good as the first one, because it tied up just perfectly for what could have been a brilliant stand alone-horror, but noooo, they need to franchise everything nowadays. Dumbasses!!
Anyway, to conclude this review, The Woman In Black is a brilliant horror film that did exactly what I think a horror film should. It was creepy, scary and disturbing, sometimes even all at once, which is difficult these days, so to end this review, I give this film Tango’s ‘Stamp of Approval’. Now, if you haven’t watched it yet, I suggest you dim the lights and cozy up on the couch with some popcorn…… and after that, you should come back here and tell me what you thought about it….

Next up on my To do-list is Big Hero 6, as well as some thoughts on American Sniper, but first, I’m gonna have a nice weekend with my parents, so neither of’em will be up until next week, so until then…..


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