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Every once in a while (or, more often than not if you live outside of the US), a great movie goes completely unnoticed. With a pretty decent ensemble of supporting actors, including Ed Helms, Jessica Alba and James Badge Dale, both Patrick Wilson and Chris Pine stand out in the latest feature-installment on Joe Carnahan‘s resumé Stretch. Here’s some of my thoughts on the movie that nobody (outside the US) heard about.

Stretch banner

Stretch (Wilson), a down on his luck limo-driver has a failed acting career, a shitty job and is about to get his legs broken (for starters) by his bookie when he by chance books a client, Roger Karos (Pine), an eccentric, ridiculously weird, hedonistic and completely out of his mind millionaire. As he’s promised a $6000 tip if he does any and all things Karos asks him to do, Stretch immediately jumps on the opportunity to pay off his bookie debts an after that, all hell breaks loose. He cons an FBI-agent out of $300 000, gets his limo stolen by the King of all things douche, constantly obsesses over an ex girlfriend, gets chased by a group of African-American bouncers and Boris, the competing limo-company’s bonebreaking badass, as well as a lot of other weird and utterly chaotic things one could imagine.

Patrick Wilson Stretch

Along for Stretch’s chaotic ride is the in-his-head-vision of Karl (Helms), a limo-driver who took his life and Charlie (Alba), the sympathetic limo-company employee, and no matter how good either of their performances were, the one that stood out the most in this film was Chris Pine’s portrayal of Roger Karos.

Even with the recent career boom he’s had, with great performances in the rebooted Star Trek-franchise, Unstoppable, This Means War (the movie was bad but he was great) and Jack Ryan, among others, I would never had imagined that he possessed this kind of talent. Everything about his Karos is amazing. His mannerisms, the way he speaks, it was the most brilliant performance I have seen in a long time. It did take me a while to actually figure out that it was Captain Kirk I was looking at, ’cause he looked so ridiculously different than what we’re used to see on the screen. Don’t believe me? Take a look!
Chris Pine Stretch
Yeah, there’s no way that That is the same guy that’s commanding the Enterprise, right? Anyway, hats off to you, Chris, for one hell of a performance!!

As for the film itself, I thought it was both brilliantly written and directed and even if the chaotic plot didn’t really seem to go anywhere at times, other than to show as much chaos one person can go through in one night, the overall points were when the end credits rolled clear as day. It had drama, action and comedy as well as conspiracy, unexpected twists and an overall goodhearted (yet chaotic) feel to it that made this movie a Must-have on the shelf, so I gladly hand out this Tango’s ‘Stamp of Approval’ to both the movie and its director for a job brilliantly done!

There you go, chalk that one up as Done! Now, I’m off to do battle with my own mind as I have to figure out what to watch next. Whatever I might end up watching, I will review it for you, but until then….


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