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Most of you have caught on by now, that I am a big Ryan Reynolds-fan. I love pretty much everything he’s done, from Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place to R.I.P.D and yeah, that includes Green Lantern. Sure, not everything he’s been in has been great, much of it has been pretty bad actually, but He has been good in it nonetheless. And now, when the Deadpool-movie is quickly coming together, my love for Reynolds is at an all-time high, as everything about that movie looks amazingly awesome! But…. that’s not why I’m writing this today. No, this is a review of one of his latest (if not his latest) movie, The Voices. I got a chance to see the film last night and, you know, Reynolds-fan as I am, I thought I’d drop some thoughts on it, so… here goes, Ryan Reynolds’ The Voices.

The Voices banner

Ryan Reynolds stars as Jerry Hickfang, a regular likable guy with some serious mental health-issues stemming from a traumatic childhood. When the movie begins, we see him work at a faucet and fixture-industry being a normal dude doing normal work, but right off the bat we see that there is something going on with this guy that’s sooo out of the ordinary. He talks to his pets (a cat and a dog, Mr. Whiskers and Bosco, both voiced by Reynolds), he acts awfully awkward and.. well, something just feels off about him from the very end. But as the movie progresses, we see his infatuation with Fiona (Gemma Arterton) a girl who works in accounting and how he scores a date with this girl, how he gets stood up and somehow, by chance, ends up with her at the end of the evening and that’s when everything goes down the shitter. A car accident leads to him accidentally stabbing her to death and from there it’s just pure chaos in this guys mind. Suffice it to say, stuff happens and shit hits the fan in ways I had no idea would happen.
The Voices Jerry and Mr Whiskers

When I first saw the trailer for this film, my mind instantly went to this film being some sort of way for Reynolds to practice his insanity for Deadpool and in some ways it kinda is. There is one scene where he is, in a t-shirt and underwear, uses the pets voices and he picks a fight with the cat. Instant Deadpool-flashes for me. If I didn’t already think that he’s the one and only to play Deadpool, I would think that after that scene. However, the rest of the movie is a dark comedy set in a strangely distracted and boring place where nothing seems to happen other than Karaoke at one bar and a chinese Elvis-impersonator at another, nothing at all one would draw likenesses to Deadpool, apart from the insanity-bit.

After a lot of shit has gone down and some deranged moments have passed by, the character of Jerry now has three heads in his fridge, which are all talking to him, telling him to do stuff, all arguing about stuff together with his pets and that’s where something just breaks in Jerry’s head.

And that’s where I’ll stop dropping any kind of spoilers. If you want to know how or what happens in this film, I highly suggest that you see this film, ’cause this is yet another one to receive my ‘Tango’s Platinum Stamp of Approval’! No, it’s not a high budget film and no, there’s basically no action whatsoever, but this film made me think that, maybe hope is not all lost for Hollywood. Maybe there actually is some originality left.

There you go, the first of my four promised reviews. Next up, either Days of Thunder or Stargate. Which would you like me to put up first? Let me know down below…..


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