#Kingsman – A Tango’s Thoughts quick-review

Well, after a lot of word from a lot of acquaintances, I finally saw it. The “spy-movie that changed the spy-movies forever” or something to that effect. So here you go, some of my thoughts on Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Kingsman white banner

The action-centric spy innovation written by Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn (who also directed) was without a doubt a fun film to watch. I had no idea it was an adaptation until I read about it after seeing it but during the watch, it did give me somewhat of a comic book-feel, which I see as a good thing when it comes to adaptations. So far so good, I’d say. However, I have to say this…… Colin Firth? In an action movie of this intensity? Not in a million years would I have seen him doing this type of role. He was actually the main thing that kept me from watching it. Sure, he did a good job in The King’s Speech and a decent job in Love Actually, but ‘cmon? Colin Firth in an action movie? I just didn’t see it. Next time, though, I’ll think differently, ’cause that man has proven his worth ten times over!

As for the movie itself… as I said, I had no idea that it was an adaptation so I have no idea of how close it stands to its source material so my commenting that would be just as graceful as me dipping my nuts in hot fudge. It just wouldn’t serve any purpose what so ever. I will say this about the film though, it was interesting. Where it strays from other “regular” spy movies, it still had that sense of elegance to it that feels required. It also had great action and a good deal of humor to complete an ensemble of traits that makes this film a good to semi-great movie experience. It’s far from the greatest movies I’ve seen but it is even further away from the worst and it most definitely gets the Tango’s ‘Stamp of Approval’.

And yes, I know I didn’t say anything about Jackson’s Valentine or Egerton’s ‘Eggsy’ or even Hanna Ahlström’s princess-buttsex scene in the end, but this is a quick-review, not enough time to go through all my thoughts right now, but there may be enough to talk about in this film to give it a spot in the ever so delayed webisodes down the line. Will it make the cut? I don’t know, you just have to follow me and find out, but until then…


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