#TimeToKill – A Tango’s Thoughts quick-review

Whoa, I guess it’s been a while since I’ve written anything, huh? Well, what better way to boot things back up again with a short, as I got a chance to see Time To Kill. The movie is co-written by Christopher T. Wood, Scott Frank and Justin Rettke, who also directed. Without dragging things out any further, here are some thoughts on the Crime/Comedy short Time To Kill.

Time to Kill Title banner

Time to Kill posterA movie about a hitman waiting for his mark, passing time… not really a plot that screams ‘Watch me, damn it!’, but as I am a firm believer of not judging anything by its cover, I went into the experience with nothing even resembling expectations, and right off the bat, a mere minute in I got my first giggle and a very pleasant one at that. The giggles were present all through the film, as we get to see what this hitman does to pass the time, whether it’s fixing a creaking door, trying out “relaxing” yoga stances, talking on the phone or perusing through stuff lying about, being all around bored and at the same time battling some career opportunities. It’s without a doubt an interesting take on the “hitman” crime genre, but as the movie is in fact a short, there’s really not that much to review so I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. The plot is interesting, the cinematography is brilliant and Christopher T. Wood as the hitman definitely has talent. Hey, Hollywood…. Put this man in more shit! And while you’re at it, sign on Justin Rettke to direct some big titles, I think he could do a very good job with a lot of properties out there!

But, to end this short and sweet review, here’s some final thoughts. I wish this was a feature. Had this film been a 120 minute long crime comedy directed and shot the same way the short was, I would without a doubt pay top dollar admittance price to see it. As I only give out my Platinum-stamps to feature films, this movie gets the Tango’s ‘Stamp of Approval’ with the added ‘I hope they make it a feature down the line’, ’cause it was that good!

I hope you enjoyed this sweet’n curly, now I’m off to watch something a little more big budget extravaganza…. maybe Lucy…. hmmm… Oh well, take care now, bye bye then!


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