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#TheLastOfUs – A Tango’s Thoughts Fantasy Cast.

As you all know, having grown up in the 80’s and 90’s, I’m just as fond of video games as I am movies, so every now and then I write something that incorporate them both, in this case a fantasy cast for The Last Of Us, for  if and/or when they decide to adapt the game into film. Anyway, let’s just get right down to it…

The Last of Us Banner

The main focus of the game is on Ellie and Joel, so to make this easy on myself, I’ll only be casting these two today, seeing as all the other characters are brief and most definitely not noteworthy enough to make me care if they cast “the wrong guy” or not… so without dragging this one along any further, let’s just dive right in!

Sierra McCormick EllieFor the character of Ellie, I’ve chosen Sierra McCormick. Sure, she may be a bit old by the time the movie would go in to production, but just look at her. She’s definitely one of those Hollywood-personas that can play 5-10 years below her own age. Add to that an eagerness to prove herself in the business in addition to her already established experience and a spirit that I think is more than enough to give Ellie‘s ‘down to earth’ attitude and curious but careless personality justice. Yeah, I think Sierra McCormick is the right way to go for Ellie. Am I way out of line here? If so, tell me….

Jeffrey Dean Morgan JoelAs for the character of Joel, well… since the game starts out with him being younger than throughout the rest of the game, this one’s a bit tricky, but I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s really only one logical choice here, and that choice is Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He has proven in movies like The Losers and Watchmen that he can be a complete badass, but he has also proven in shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Supernatural that he can be both loving, kind and righteous as well as strict and firm when he needs to, which are all qualities needed in portraying such a diverse character as Joel. Add to that the fact that they almost look identical and you have yourself the one and only logical choice.

There you go, my casting the two important(est) characters of the game The Last Of Us. Supposedly, the game’s director is said to write the script for the movie, so to say that a movie is on its way is a pretty safe bet, but how it’ll go down and when is yet to be determined. Here’s hoping that whoever’s in charge of casting thinks the way I think about these two, ’cause I definitely think the two would be a great pair on screen! Well, enough about this, it’s time to watch a movie. I’m thinking Tequila Sunrise? Yeah, that’s it. Tune in some time tomorrow for the review. But hey, until then…….


Fantasy Cast – “What If” #2

Big Trouble in Little China, an established 1986-classic, written by Gary Goldman and David Z. Weinstein and adapted by W.D Richter, is a box office-flop but has since become a cult success. With its mere $11 million return at the box office at a $20 million budget, it’s not likely to be seen as a remake anytime soon, but that’s kinda why I’m doing this fantasy cast, because, what if…. What if they actually did? Who would play Jack Burton? Or a better question; Is there someone out there who could do even half as good a Lo Pan? Well let’s find out, shall we….. or, let’s find out who I think could do it…

Big Trouble in Little China banner

If you’ve seen the original, you already know the awesomeness of it but if you haven’t, here’s a quick rundown of the plot (including the IMDB-outline); An all-American truck driver, Jack Burton (Kurt Russell), tags along with a friend, Wang Chi (Dennis Dun) to pick up Chi’s fiancé, Miao Yin, at the airport when Miao Yin gets abducted by a street gang called the Lords of Death. The two set out to rescue her, but winds up in the middle of  an ancient war between the rival gangs ‘Chang Sing’ (good guys) and the ‘Wing Kong’ (bad guys), and among the ensuing chaos, they meet ‘The Three Storms’ (Thunder, Rain and Lightning), three utterly badass dudes who all three comes with their own kind of magic. In the midst of all chaos, they “run over” Lo Pan (James Hong), an ancient evil magician with a curse, who turns out, is trying to brake his curse by marrying this Miao Yin, thus forcing our unlikely heroes to fight an even bigger fight than anticipated.

IMDB kept it rather simple with its story outline, however;

An All-American trucker gets dragged into a centuries-old mystical battle in Chinatown.

Big Trouble in Little China main castWhether or not you like your preview simple or a little more complex and outdrawn, here you have your choices. But no matter what you go on, the movie is and will always be a great 80’s classic and I will always cherish this film as one of those that got me interested in movies in the first place. Kurt Russell is a funny, well-timed and raw badass, Kim Cattrall is hysterically bad (which is a laughably good thing), James Hong is amazingly talented and brings everything he has to the table and Dennis Dun is a badass in his own right, with fly kicks, quick commenting and brings an excellent performance to complete the main ensemble.

But… to the point at hand, WHAT IF they were to do a remake, who would/can play who? Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we. But keep in mind now, that I will only be focusing on the main cast, i.e the ones named above…

Cattrall Gracie Law PalickiFor the first choice, I thought I’d start with the female lead, which would be the part of Gracie Law (Cattrall). Who could do what she did? Well, to be honest, a lot of today’s actresses could do what she did. BUT… I want the perfect one, the one who could deliver a ‘what?!’-look like Kim did, and that perfect one is none other than Adrianne Palicki. She has the talent needed (which could be argued to be both good (enough to play bad) or bad) and she has the looks. Yes, I think Kim Cattrall was hot pre-Sex and The City, deal with it. And yes, Adrianne Palicki is seriously gorgeous and, c’mon guys…. she Can look kinda ‘what the?’ when she wants to. She even got those doey eyes, doesn’t she?

Dun Wang Chi RainSecondly, I thought I’d give the sidekick a shot. Yes, that means Dennis Dun’s part of Wang Chi, the charismatic and yet humble restauranteur with a mean kick. This feels like the part where people would scream Byung-hun Lee or Rick Yune, but no…. I’m sorry, but I have to play the Rain-card once more. No, this is not a choice based on their looking anything alike. This is a choice solely based on their skills in martial arts And talent when it comes to acting. I’m sorry (or not, you decide), but Rain would be the ultimate Wang Chi, as long as he masters his American-english (if he doesn’t already?).

Hong Lo Pan LiOnward, as they say, to the third cast, and this is a big one. The character of David Lo Pan (James Hong), was the first one to ever creep me the f*ck out as a kid and the mere thought of anyone other than James Hong portraying him is basically pure heresy, but… I’ll give it a shot anyway, for you guys. But I have to say that casting an Asian above 40 isn’t the easiest thing to do, ’cause I don’t know about that many, but … well, maybe Hiroyuki Sanada could be a good choice? Or maybe Ken Watanabe? No, neither of’em could fill Hong’s shoes. But how about Jet Li? Yeah, he would work. He could most definitely work, so let’s go with him. Jet Li as David Lo Pan… yeah, I feel really good about that. He’s coming up a bit age-wise, and even though he’s not as tall as one would like, it’s Hollywood… they got tricks for that. So yeah, I definitely think it could work, so Jet Li for Lo Pan, yupp!

Russell Jack Burton RennerAnd now, for the big finale, to cast the part of none other than the one line-dropping, quirky but lovable, quick but clumsy, the funniest action hero to come out of the 1980’s era of cinema, Jack Burton (Russell)! To be honest, this is a part that I struggled with a lot. Who, today, could possibly do even half of what Russell did back then? Well, to be honest, I don’t think anyone actually can. The only fair thing to do, really, is to give Russell a “do-over” and give him one of those ‘Tron make-overs’ they did with Jeff Bridges in ..Legacy. But, that’s even more unlikely than the film being remade at all, so let’s give it a shot anyway. My first thought for Burton, however, was Ryan Reynolds. He does have the mouth for it, but he doesn’t feel quite as all-American as Russell does, so the next name on my list is Josh Brolin, but he feels a bit too old for it now. Maybe 10 years ago, but that was to early for the remake anyway. My third list entry is, well…. Ben Foster. Can he do it? ………. nah, moving on. The fourth name, however. I think we have a winner, folks, the fourth guy on my list, and the “winner” of my final fantasy cast is…. drumroll*…… Jeremy Renner. What?! Are you serious? Yes, I am serious. He’s a fantastic actor when he want’s to (28 Weeks aside), and he has proved both in performace and in interviews that he can, in fact, be goofy if needed. So for the part of Jack Burton, I choose you, Jeremy Renner, How do you feel about that?

As a special treat for you guys (and yeah, girls too (dodging future complaints) for that matter), here’s the trailer for the original… enjoy!
“It’s all in the reflexes.” – Jack Burton

And there you have it, folks. Any thoughts? Any objections on my choices, maybe? Whether the case, let me know in the comment section, ’cause I’d love to hear from’ya! And as always, more goodies coming soon, but until then…..

TMNT – They keep dropping the ball….

Okay, so you all know how I feel about Michael Bay already so there’s no need for me to go into that again, but I feel like I have to say something about his upcoming TMNT-reboot, get my thoughts out there before I implode.

TMNT Banner

When they first announced the reboot of the franchise, I was ecstatic to say the least. Later, when they told us that the Turtles would be alien, I thought out loud that it was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. What could possibly make this movie any worse? Well, they managed to cut it down by its knees yet again, by casting not only Megan Fox as April O’Neil, but a African-American female as a Caucasian male’s character (yes, I’m talking about Whoopi Goldberg as Bern Thompson), but that’s not all… they told us that Oroku Saki, a.k.a The Shredder, would be a white guy as well, named Eric Sachs… What the hell, man?! Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Fichtner or Goldberg, but not for these parts. I’d much rather see someone like John Travola as Bern and someone Japanese as The Shredder. As for the part of April O’Neil, I say fire ‘Samiches’ and re-shoot all of her scenes with Olivia Thirlby instead, ’cause she’s clearly the better choice…. for anything.

Bern April Whoopi MeganAnyway, done is done and there’s nothing more we can do about it (except rant and complain for years and years to come). Not much is looking up for the film so far, and when we got our first trailer and our first looks on the Turtles themselves, we we’re given at least a smidgen of hope. The Turtles were now just that, turtles, with a slight mutated form, of course, with a hint of ‘Samoan butch lesbians’ about’em. But it looked good (no, not as good as it could, but okay) and I didn’t think much more about it. It finally looked like it could actually be something even I as a true TMNT-fan could enjoy… but lo and behold, they had to screw that up again, with a Special Forces-type Foot clan….. and in the latest trailer… a MECHA-Shredder? I say again, What the hell, man?!
Foot Soldiers ShredderSure, we’re given a hint of some dude in the shadows who supposedly would turn out to be the real Shredder (hopefully, he’s Japanese as well but it’ll probably just turn out to be April’s long lost father or something to that fashion) but the armor looks like some cross-breed of Transformers and everything I have in my utensils-drawer in the kitchen. No, I am not in the slightest amused. In fact, I’m even more sure about my ‘Assassination of Michael Bay’ screenplay being a hit than ever before. The dude should not be allowed to make films from existing source material, because he just … pardon my french… Fucks everything up!

Well… I think I’ve given enough of my thoughts on the subject for now, but please let me know if you have anything to say about it, I’m dying to know what you think. So, as always, more goodies coming soon, but until then…..