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Evil Dead

2013 Horror-a-thon banner

Evil Dead bannerAlmost there, folks, the end of the road. But we still have two more titles to cover before it’s over. And as the second-to-last title of the 2013 Horror-a-thon, I chose Evil Dead. The film was written by Rodo Sayagues and Fede Alvarez (who also directed) and is an adaption of Sam Raimi’s now Cult-classic film The Evil Dead from 1981, so the first question is.. How does it stand against the original? Not good, I’m afraid. The remake has so far (and I’m pretty sure it won’t get any higher over time) received a rating of 6.5 on IMDB opposed the original’s 7.5 and a 62% against a 98% Fresh-rating on Rotten, so it’s more than safe to say that it stands in the overwhelming shadow of Sam Raimi’s -81 classic. But how is it as a movie? Let’s take a look….

The first thing that comes to mind here is the movie’s tagline: “The most terrifying film you will ever experience.” which I would perceive as a kind of false advertisement. The movie relied solely on it’s abundance of gore rather than focusing on scaring people with what actually is a great premise for a scary movie.

Evil dead gore

Four friends are gathered at a remote cabin (in the woods, of course) where they are attempting a detox for a fifth friend. Upon discovering a basement filled with hanging dead cats and other miscellaneous creepy items, making them immediately think of witchcraft, they find a creepy parcel wrapped in barb wire. Of course, as you would have it, one of them opens the parcel and finds a book bound in (what seems to be) human skin. Aaand of course, he reads from it, thus releasing some scary as f*ck evil upon them and everything bloody you can imagine, happens. And as we see one of the girls, Mia (played by Jane Levy), being detoxed, she stumbles around all crazy from the withdrawal, when finally she tries to leave. She crashes the car and is then “raped” by the woods and possessed by a demon of sorts. Of course no one believes her when she tries to tell her because she’s detoxing and… there you have your movie. Does it sound great? Nah…. and it wasn’t either. Sure, it’s not as bad that I feel I have to Dump it, but it’s nothing I would consider watching again in at least a few years…

Another thing that kept coming back to me as I watched it… I could easily see where they tried to give homages to the original, which I would think is to please the original’s fan-base, but I could also see clear as day where they would stir up some serious hate from that very same fan-base. If you’re remaking a classic, make sure you don’t screw up some of the more infamous details of the film you’re remaking. Think of Nightmare on Elm Street. How would you as a fan of the franchise react, if they gave Freddy a kitchen-knife or creepy-long fingernails instead of his glove? It just wouldn’t be right. I got just that, the feeling of something being really wrong, two or three times during Evil Dead and after the end ….. Please, dear Chris, don’t let them make a sequel!!

So there you have it, my second-to-last entry in this years Horror-a-thon. Tomorrow is Halloween, and with that… the finale of it all. And what movie are we taking a look at tomorrow? Well, Halloween, of course…. the Rob Zombie-remake, though. But until then…. if you’re going for the ultimate Evil Dead-experience, I strongly suggest that you throw this remake to the side and watch the original instead. Hell, watch the entire trilogy!