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Edge of Tomorrow – Quick review

Edge of Tomorrow banner

Wow, okay…. so as promised, here’s a quick review on Tom Cruise’s latest….. (can I say Masterpiece?)… achievement. For those of you who’ve read my earlier work, you know how I feel about Tom Cruise’s Oblivion, how it was the “Top Gun” of the 21th century and so on… but now, well, let me just say it like this; Edge of Tomorrow is the best thing that could have happened to Tom Cruise’s last 10 years of his career. How is that for a review? Oh, you want more, heh? Well, here it is then….

As most of you probably already have heard, Edge of Tomorrow has been given a curse. This curse, is that it is continuously being compared to Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day, i.e. it suffers from the “Groundhog Day” syndrome (for those out there who is oblivious to common knowledge, that is that one person relives the same day over and over again). With that said, And with that knowledge at hand, one would assume that just like Groundhog Day, the story would at some point be repetitive and tedious… and yes, one would assume correctly. BUT… and this is a great BUT….. The repetitive storyline is only a small portion of the first act and when the tediousness stops, the movie quickly becomes one of the greatest science fiction-films of our generation. The story (based on the japanese light novel All You Need is Kill) is brilliantly adapted for the big screen and both Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt plays their respective parts fantastically, and sure, we’ve seen Cruise don this type of movie character before, but for miss (or is it Mrs?Blunt, I’m pretty sure she was way out of her ordinary league… but they both did an amazing job and the chemistry between them was even better then what Tom and Nicole had in Days of Thunder, to say the least.

Edge of Tomorrow mid-banner

But what about the application of it all IN the film? Well… first of all, I am far from any kind of expert (you all know this to be true), so I won’t sit here and tell you if something could have been done better or worse, edited faster etc, all I do is give you what I think…. and what I think is this; The music was fantastic, the score is magnificent and well fitted to the entirety of the film. The FX was great. Sure, there was a LOT of CGI but c’mon, even a Rom-Com has CGI these days so who cares, as long as it looks good, and it did! The supporting cast was amazing. It was a long time coming for Bill Paxton to deliver a believable performance on screen (yeah, I’m excluding his part in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on this one), Tony Way’s Kimmel was hysterically out of place but at the same time just right for everything he was a part in, and of course, if Brendan Gleeson is in the movie, how can you NOT drop something about him in a review? You can’t, that’s how… and even if his part in this movie was very small, his performance was off the charts as usual.

Aaaand, there you go…. a quick review on Edge of Tomorrow for you. If you haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend that you do, ’cause it truly is a “Theater MUST” kind of movie. And as I promised time and time again, there will be a lot more postage here on T.T, but until the next one….. would you please jump to my facebook-page Tango’s Thoughts and give it a like… it sure would help the “cause”, if you know what I mean! Until next time….


Much ado about upcoming films…

Header1Bam, and he’s back…. again… and this time, we’ll take a look at a few upcoming movies and their trailers. So without further delay, let’s just get this over with, shall we…

Let’s start with ‘Edge of Tomorrow‘, a film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, two people caught in a loop… sounds weird, right? Yeah, it kinda looks weird too, but it’s based on a Japanese novel, so who am I to say different? Without having any knowledge about the source material, there’s nothing I can say about it really, other than this… The mech-suit looks ridiculous, the story feels confusing and the choice of actors barely stumbles on decent, but it does, however look like a movie worth the theater-experience, rather than waiting for its DVD/Blu-Ray release.

Oh, and another thing… Tom Cruise on a motorcycle without a helmet? Isn’t that getting kinda old by now?

Next up, we have a little film about a ginormous king called ‘Godzilla‘. If there is a movie that have me stoked for its release, it’s this one. The last teaser we saw was just that… a teaser. We saw destruction, we heard the monster and we could hint at something that looked badass. This time around, we’re shown a bit more of … well.. everything, actually. We get a brilliantly directed V.O by Bryan Cranston, magnificent back-story and a head-on look at the monster itself, and my oh my, it looks to be a success without any peers what so ever!! I’m gonna have to say, though… that everything people are saying about this trailer, about other monsters etc, I have no idea, ’cause I’m not that big a fan to begin with, I’ve only seen like 5 or 6 Godzilla-films before (excluding the last Hollywood-bore) so I’m not in the loop about such things.

And the destruction, though……. yeah, I’m guessing it’s not just the one city that takes it on like in that awful Broderick-version!

Coming in on third, we have a slightly more religious experience. Yupp, I’m talking about ‘Noah‘. As a non-religious person, I’ve never been convinced about a movie about something religious before I’ve seen the film itself, but this time I’m actually pretty excited. The’Noah‘-trailer shows us a bearded man (Noah, Russell Crowe) telling someone that the world will be destroyed, brutality and violence among men and what looks to be a bunch of natural disasters and seeing as it’s one of the oldest stories ever told, we all know why and what is happening, so for once, there are no spoilers in the trailer.

Oh, and the music.. God damn it, if it isn’t epic. It absolutely fits the graphics perfectly!

There you go, one of two posts of today. Tune in later on for yet another trailer-based post. Who knows what I’ll be talking about then….

The Wolfman

2013 Horror-a-thon banner

Welcome, to Tango’s Thoughts October 2013 Horror-a-thon. Over the next 31 days, I will take you on a journey through horror, where I will pick off one title after another, until the exciting climax on October 1st, Halloween and I’ll be starting off our horror-a-thon with The Wolfman, the 2010-remake of Universal’s classic from 1941.

WLF_Tsr1Sheet_352_10 (Page 1)The movie stars Benicio Del Toro (Lawrence Talbot), Anthony Hopkins (Sir John Talbot), Emily Blunt (Gwen Conliffe) and Hugo Weaving (Aberline), was written by Andrew Kevin Walker and David Self and was directed by Joe Johnston. It was released in Italy on January 27th, 2010 for its World premiere and on the 12th of February in the US. When it comes to criticism, it wasn’t the big hit the studios had hoped for, with a 4.8 average  on Rotten Tomatoes and a 5.8 score on IMDB (to date). But enough of statistics and casts, that’s not why we’re here, is it? I didn’t think so…. So let’s just jump right in to it, shall we….

How do you get a perfect intro to what’s expected to be a fantastic film?You let the camera pan over a tombstone touched by moonlight while a female voice narrates the engravings;

Even a man who is pure of heart
and says his prayers by night
may become a wolf
When the wolfsbane blooms
and the autumn moon is bright

Pan the camera through a dark forest, to a man screaming at someone, knowing he is not alone. It sets up the premise of the movie and it gives you an expectation of how the movie is going to feel. It’s dark and ominous, but at the same time it draws you in. Just perfect!

The rest of the movie is pretty straight forward, using whatever it can from its source material up until the second half of the movie, giving the Universal-classic the homage it deserves while still managing to feel original and fresh. But does it have what would be expected from a werewolf-based movie? Yes, yes it does. It doesn’t show you the beast right away, leaving it to be somewhat of a mystery. The hallucinations that comes with the curse (here showing us the ‘original’ beast). It has the cliched scene where the man wakes up outdoors in bloody clothing not knowing why, it has somewhat of a love-story entangled to the plot and it has not one, but several transformation sequences. Top that off with a fantastically fierce looking beast and you have what you need for a great horror-movie.
Lawrence Talbot Wolfman

Speaking of the transformation. Whenever the subject comes up, I can not help to compare it to one of my all-time favorite scenes, the transformation-scene from An American Werewolf in London. It is, by far, The best transformation-scene ever to be put in a monster-movie and will probably be so for a long time, but the transformations in The Wolfman is not far behind, especially the one where we get to see Lawrence transform for the first time.

Just look at it. That right there, ladies and gentlemen, gets the Tango’s Stamp of Approval. the transformation-scene is where most of the werewolf-movies fail but this one does it right, not letting the CGI take over, as it most often does on these specific sequences.

There was a few scenes in this movie that stood out a bit from the rest. The London chase-scene were we see the beast run across the rooftops of London, crushing chimneys and dodging bullets from Aberline’s revolver – fantastic! When the first beast (yeah, there’s a plurality of wolfs) taunts the Gypsy-village – It actually scared me a bit. Of course the first transformation-scene, but the transformation-scene in the asylum. Wow, breathtaking. The reaction on the psychiatrist alone was almost worth the admittance-fee.

I’m not going to dive to deep into everything about the movie, but I will say this. The performances given to us by both Del Toro (who’s performance alone could have driven this movie if it wasn’t as good as it was) and Hopkins respectively, are phenomenal and of course, Weaving delivers his Aberline with utmost sophistication, once again showing us why he does what he does.

The only thing I felt could use a once-over was the ending. It leaves you rather unsatisfied. A climactic clash, followed by a short chase-scene through the woods, it sets up what could have been a magnificent ending to a gripping tale, but alas, it kinda just ends.

There it is, ladies and gentlemen, a perfect start-off point to what will be an entertaining journey for me, and hopefully for you as well. And as werewolves and vampires seem to be going hand-in-hand nowadays, what could be better for tomorrows post, than a review of a vampire-movie? I’d say… nothing. So, tune in tomorrow for Tango’s thoughts on Dracula 2000.

Until then…. niteynite, don’t let the monsters take a bite!