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Much ado about Animated features.

If you recall, I dropped a little extra for you at the end of my last postage, the song Everything is Awesome from The Lego Movie. Why did I do that? Because everything is awesome… when it comes to animation. Well a lot of it is, anyway, and that song teased a bit about what I’ll be talking about today. Yeah, I’m talking about the Lego-movie, sure, but that’s not the only thing I’ll be talking about. But let’s start with that one, shall we…

Lego movie banner

As a lot of us out there, I too, grew up building Lego’s. I had boxes of it and, yes, I stepped on a lot of it… and it does hurts like a mother#%&@€!, so obviously I was a bit anxious about how the hell they could make a movie about Lego work. I finally got to see the damn thing, and I was not in the slightest displeased with it. In fact, I giggled and smirked my way through the entire film, with the occasional out loud-laughter, because this film is a frikkin masterpiece. The voice-acting, the story, the live-action segment, the way it brings back a lot of fond memories from my childhood, it all fits together like… well, like Lego’s…

Sure, it wasn’t the greatest animated film I’ve ever seen (which you all know by now is The Lion King), but it sure as hell held up against a lot of other great animations I’ve seen through the years, so instead of delving deeper into the land of Lego, let’s stroll down memory lane and think about some of the past’s great Animation features, and we’ll be starting with my Runner-Up on the greatest Animation ever made, Toy Story!
Toy Story Banner

A movie about toys being alive when the kids’re not watching them… that’s brilliant. Sure enough, it’s Hollywood so it’s not entirely original, but the way it was put together, with a story like that, it was Brilliant! And the way it changed the way animated movies for future ideas, mindblowing at the time, I’ll tell ya. And me personally, I loved it so much I even got the videogame for the Sega Genesis, yeah… and hell, I even played Toy Story 2 when my kid brother got it on the PC. Tom Hanks (Woody) and Tim Allen (Buzz) gives us an unforgettable story about rivalry turned alliance and the way kids looks at toys had for ever changed. Oh and eh… haha, that Sid-kid, yeah I was that guy. Sorry, toys….

Shrek bannerWhat do we have next? Oh, how could I forget … it’s Shrek, the ogre who just wanted to be left alone. This is probably the only animated movie that could be justifiably compared to a Buddy-Cop movie, with the hero and his annoying sidekick (yeah that’s you Donkey), but it uses the old fairy tales we grew up with to create a new world of magic and wonder for kids all ages (all the way up to old adult-kids, that is) and the voice acting is superb all the way through.. and hey, it even gets a shot in at The Matrix (which was pretty common at the time, though). A fantastic film for the whole family and I know, that I’ll be able to watch that movie in say.. 10 years, and still laugh as hard as I did back then. A superb addition to any Animated film-collection!

The Incredibles bannerUp next, we have the surreal take on that whole Superhero-bit that’s been going on for a while. That’s right, I’m talking about The Incredibles. Again, a movie that changed things up a bit, with the Archetype Superhero (which to me feels like a Batman/Superman-lovechild of sorts) who tries to lead a normal family life but can’t seem to forget about his past and insistingly drags himself and his whole family back into it. Yeah, this was a great film and if you still haven’t seen it (I know some people who hasn’t, actually), you deserve a few lashings. The coolest thing about it, though, is Sam Jackson’s Frozone, but whenever Jackson’s in the movie, he’s bound to be the coolest part about it (with the Robocop-remake as an exception!).

Ice Age Scrat bannerLast, but not even a little bit least, we have what can easily be served as one of the funniest, most hysterical animation of all time (to me, that is), in both English and Swedish dubs…. and the film I’m talking about, the one that put sloths on the map, is Ice Age. Yeah, nothing newsworthy there, right? No, just a fantastically animated film about the oddest group of companies ever. I mean, a mammoth, a sabretooth tiger and a sloth, carrying around a human baby? How is that not a disaster? Well it is, as you know, at times a complete disaster but it all works out in the end. Well… almost, anyway. In my experience with movies, they never seem to stop when they should. A great trilogy does not need a fourth installment and the Ice Age-franchise proves just that. This series would’ve easily been on my favorite-list if it weren’t for that Chris’ awful ..Continental Drift gook from 2012. But hey, we got those amazing Scrat-shorts from it, at least, so there’s that…..

There you have a little bit about what I think about some animated features. I have a lot more to say about all of’em, but I’m gonna leave you with this for now, ’cause I’m gonna go watch a movie! Hell yeah I am, and if you’re lucky, I’ll be back here later to talk about it, but until then…..


Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

2013 Horror-a-thon banner

New Nightmare banner This… is when you should get scared… ’cause this is the first time Freddy Kreuger scared the jeebus out’a me in a semi-grown up state of mind. Yeah, I’m talking about Wes Craven’s New Nightmare a.k.a “Nightmare on Elm Street 7″. Written and directed by…. you guessed it… Wes Craven!!  When I saw this movie I had just become a 17 year old “man” (yeah, I know, as a Freddy-fan, I should’ve seen it loong before that, seeing that it was released in 1994) and for the first time as a “not kid” (I don’t wanna say I was a grown-up, as I am now 30 and still not a grown-up) and my balls were really friggin rattled!  In comparison to the first in the series (Nightmare on Elm Street with a 7.5 on IMDB and a stunning 95% Fresh on Rotten), this one doesn’t quite hold up… but hey, that’s just ratings, huh, nothing to look at? As far as I’m concerned, this one is (based upon me being scared of it at 17 rather than 8) more worthy of the score and as such, if it were up to me, I would switch the scores around, giving the original (yeah I’m ALWAYS gonna call it that, because that’s what it IS!!) the IMDB‘s 6.3 and the Rotten‘s 77% Fresh. But hey… don’t you dare think I’m speaking ill of the original…. A Nightmare on Elm Street IS, and will ALWAYS be a strong classic, no matter what!

New Nightmare FreddyAnywho and aarghs…. The movie as it goes (you know, the premise and all that), stand out from the original series continuity, being set in the “Real world”, where Freddy Kreuger is no more than a movie villain. Of course, with Wes Craven behind the wheel, shit hits the fan and Freddy is now A REAL LIFE MONSTER, tormenting the “real” Heather Langenkamp and her family as they are currently shooting a “new Freddy-movie”.  Heather’s kid is involved, blood is being spilled and everything is just as ginormously ‘silly’ as it always has been in the Nightmare-series, but in trying to “keep it real” just pushes it over the edge…. a bit… at least that’s how I feel now when I watch it (and I watch it at least once a year, along with its predecessors), but back then, you know, Way back in the day, that shit just hit me SMACK in the face, leaving me all like’ What the fuck!!’ and enter My nightmares!! And fact of the matter is, Freddy’s new look… yeah, it’s awesome! Sure, it’s probably just ’cause it looks way cooler than the old one (speaking as my 17 year old self now) but with the coat and the new shade of green on the hat… yeah it works, Big time!

Langenkamp Saxon Englund New NightmareOf course, Robert Englung is back as Freddy, the second-to-last time we would ever see him in his now iconic role. (Thank you (read: Fuck you!) Samuel Bayer and Jackie Earle Haley! Sure, you did a good job, but personally, I would’ve liked to see Englund portray this badass bastard at LEAST  3 or 4 more times After Freddy vs. Jason. ) And as always, he does a fantastic job of it. It doesn’t matter how many times they remake this movie. They can do it 25 times over the next 400 years, Robert Englund would still be the best Freddy Kreuger, hands down! And as I mentioned earlier, the “real” Heather Langenkamp is back.. and yeah, that means Heather Langenkamp is back, both as Nancy And herself. The only thing NOT wrong with that, though, is everything. She is just Great! I would even go as far as to say that she’s better in his one than she was in the first one…. and yeah, I know it’s not much to go for, but hey…… it’s Nancy, everybody, and we love Nancy! Tell me right now, show of hands…. who did not cry out in happiness when she returned for Dream Warriors? Yeah, I thought so….

And hey…. John Saxon’s back to… yeah, and with that awesome namedrop, I’m out!! Until the next one….. Don’t hate me just because I didn’t watch New Nightmare in -94…. I was just 11, I didn’t know any better!

Mother’s Day

2013 Horror-a-thon banner

Mother's Day posterOkay, so the toss-up is over and the movie we’re taking a look at today is Mother’s Day. The film was written by Scott Milam and is a remake (’twas a surprise) of the 1980-film of the same name (which was written by Charles Kaufman and Warren Leight). This is actually a time when I strongly disagree with how other people see the movie. Where the movie now stands with a 43% Fresh-rating on Rotten, (it earns at least a 70% rating in my book) a 6.1-score on IMDB (where I gave it a hard 8) and where it failed to be a box office hit, it did make back its $11 million (estimation) budget, so it comes with a lot of mixed bags if you’re going to listen to critics (or fan-reviewers like myself).

The movie stars Patrick Flueger (‘Ike’), Warren Kole (Addley) and Matt O’Leary (‘Johnny’), three brothers who after a botched bank robbery seeks refuge in what they thought were their old house (after beeing away for a while, their mother had to foreclose) and doing so, they crash a party held by its new tenants (Jaime King and Frank Grillo as Beth and Daniel Sohapi). They take the Sohapi’s and their guests hostage while awaiting the arrival of Mother (beautifully portrayed by Rebecca De Mornay) and that is when all hell breaks loose.

I have to say though… that, when I watched this movie, I did so with the notion of it being a horror-movie (IMDB does have it listed as ‘Horror’) but after about 20-30 minutes in, I realize that it’s more of a thriller but I decide to give it a once-over anyway and boy, am I glad I did. This movie makes for one scary movie. Not in the way a horror movie should, but in a psychological way. It keeps you on your toes with suspense through the entirety of it and every time you think you know you got it figured out, it makes a hard left-turn and disproves you. It also have that red-haired chick from ‘True Blood‘, Briana Evigan (most notable for her ‘Andie’ in the Step Up-franchise) and Lisa Marcos (model turned actress) so the movie is pretty damn beautiful to look at as well.

Rebecca De Mornay for Mother's DayBut the thing that made this movie Really interesting, is Rebecca De Mornay. Holy Chris, is she a talented actress! She delivers line after line with such beauty and grace, you’d almost think that if her life had a higher purpose, this movie was IT. She stole every scene she was in and she made every other actor/actress feel like they belonged in a day-time Soap-opera. And being that she plays a psychotic mother, one can’t help but to think back to her portrayal of Peyton Flanders in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. At times, Mother’s Day almost feels like a sequel to that very movie and if it wasn’t for the fact that she died horribly in it, I would strongly argue that it is…. but, it’s not. And hey…. take a look. She aged rather well, don’ you think? Yeah, she did. Her immense talent to portray a psycho is only strengthened by the fact that she is gorgeous to look at… which in itself strengthens the movie as well. So I’m going to leave you now with a trailer to the movie, and a solemn promise; Tomorrow is going to be a shivers down the spine-kind of horror, not a scary thriller like this one. But until then… watch the trailer, and if you like what you see, watch the movie. I promise, it’s worth it!