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#TequilaSunrise – A Tango’s Thoughts quick-review

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I was gonna watch a specific movie, which I did, so the only logical thing right now would be to review it, right? Damn skippy it is, so without dragging it out any longer, here’s some quick thoughts on Tequila Sunrise.

Tequila Sunrise posterTequila Sunrise, a movie about Dale McKussic, (Mel Gibson) a drug dealer wanting to go straight and Nick Frescia (Kurt Russell), his oldest and best friend assigned the case to bring him and his “boss” to justice. An intriguing plot to say the least, but when you add Jo Ann Vallenari (Michelle Pfeiffer), the romantic interest of them both, into the mix, you have yourself a winner! The movie manages to keep me intrigued from start to finish, with interesting characters, an intriguing story and well-written dialogue and is a well mixed cup of equal amounts crime, drama and romance, as well as some comic reliefs mixed in here and there. Both Mel Gibson and Kurt Russell are bringing their A-games, bringing their characters to life like none other could’ve done at the time, but Michelle Pfeiffers performance leaves something to be desired. It wasn’t her worst performance ever but it was definitely no Dangerous Minds either, but that’s just nitpicking on my part. Gibson’s and Russell’s characters, alongside the great writing and directing from Robert Towne, is what keeps this movie a classic and another recipient of Tango’s ‘Stamp of Approval’.

There you go, folks, another one on my quickie-list. Now what am I supposed to do? Watch another movie perhaps? Well, I think that’s for the best. More good stuff coming your way soon, though, but until then…


#Tombstone – A Tango’s Thoughts quick-review

Having been in somewhat of a Kurt Russell-mode for some time now, I see it only fitting to give you some thoughts on another Kurt Russell movie, so without further ado I give to you my thoughts on Tombstone.

Tombstone banner

The story of the legendary peacekeeper Wyatt Earp has been told over and over again, but the one iteration that always stood proud (to me) was Tombstone, in which the glamorization of the Cochise County Cowboys stands as one of the main reasons for the legend that is Wyatt Earp. Apart from the main characters, the Earp brothers, historical characters such as William “Curly Bill” Brocius, Ike Clanton, John Henry “Doc” Holliday, Johnny Behan and Henry Hooker (to name a few) and the shootout at O.K Corral, I doubt there’s much accuracy to the events depicted in the film, but that’s nothing I’m at all concerned about, ’cause this film is a magnificent piece of cinematic history.

Tombstone posterKurt Russell, Sam Elliot and Bill Paxton does a magnificent job as the Earp brothers. Russell’s Wyatt Earp is belieavable, lovable and down to earth. Elliot’s Virgil is troubled and agonized as well as a believable older brother and Paxton does a magnificent job bringing a naive but honorable Morgan. The rest of the cast is one of the greatest ensemble of supporting cast ever to be put together. The film is  truly well acted all the way through, but the one person that really stands out in this film is none other than Val Kilmer’s “Doc” Holliday. Kilmer’s portrayal of the decease-ridden gambler with a penchant for booze and gun slinging is portrayed in such a way that anyone ever to portray the character in future iterations will undoubtedly be compared to it. Definitely one of the greatest performances of his career!

The brilliant writing of Kevin jarre (who was the original director as well) was magnificently translated to film by genius director George P. Cosmatos. The combined forces of the two stands proud today as one of the greatest Westerns ever made (yeah, that’s My opinion) and it will forever be the holder of the Tango’s ‘Platinum Stamp of Approval’!

There you go, chalk that one down to finished! As I promised you 4 reviews in a short time, this lack of an internet connection has led my reviewing to a delay, but instead of dropping some sloppy slackjawed reviews your way, I’ll give you some real thoughts on some newer films next week, but until then…

#Stargate – A Tango’s Thoughts quick-review

Everyone has their own theory of how and when the great pyramids of Giza was built but in 1994, a movie came out and with it, we got not only another theory, but also a reason for their creations. The movie I’m referring to is none other than the classic Sci/Fi hit Stargate.

Stargate banner

The idea of an alien race having been on Earth is nothing new at all, but when Stargate introduced us to the idea of the pyramids being a sort of docking-station for the aliens spaceships combined with a galactic portal across the galaxies, all bets are off. Add to that a story of enslavement of an entire race, some deep character arcs and a whole bunch of amazing special effects and you have yourself an instant hit. Of course, Kurt Russell and James Spader leading the charge with fantastic performances as Colonel Jack O’Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson was just making the movie that much better!

The movie was intended to be the first in a trilogy but circumstances led to it spawning a series instead (SG-1) which in turn spawned several other series and comic books, creating an entire shared Stargate universe. There is also plans of a reboot to be based on the original trilogy-plans, which I am really excited for, because Stargate is not only a great film with Tango’s ‘Stamp of Approval’ attached, it was the one movie that got me really interested in Science Fiction altogether, which is saying pretty much about the geek I am today.

There you go, one Quick-review for you. Next up is something a little fresher off the box office, so be sure to tune in, but until then….