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Sabotage, Need for Speed, Noah – Random thoughts

It’s that time again…. postage. And today I have not only one, but three films to talk about. No, this won’t be any ordinary reviews, ’cause you all know that’s not how I do things. I’ll be dropping some random thoughts on things I thought about, when the films subjected made me think about’em. Confusing? Okay then, let’s get to it…

Sabotage BannerFirst out, we have Sabotage, yet another installment of the oh so glorious comeback for the “Governator” and former Action Star Supreme, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This one, however, stands out a bit from his previous films, as it’s not just about the action and the one-liners, but rather about the story and the characters. Sure, it’s one Chris’ damn gory film, I give you that, but it has a depth to it than probably no other Arnie-films before ever had. Was it a good movie? Yeah, it was. I enjoyed the hell out of it, and I tell you why… it was partly because of the director (David Ayer), but mostly because of the cast, which included Sam Worthington, Joe Manganiello and my all-time favorite actor of color, Terrence Howard, among others. They are the ones that gives the story life and what really matters in the film….
Sabotage castI have to say, I wasn’t a big Worthington-fan before this but good golly, this is a man that can actually act. Holy shit, he is good in this one!! Where the hell did he hide this talent in ..Titans? And if he can, I would suggest that he keeps that goatee-ish beard he’s got going on, ’cause he looks badass! Something that bugged me, however, was the lack of screen-time for Howard. An actor of that caliber should’ve been given at least double of what he had… but, what he had, he delivered perfectly as usual! The rest of the ‘team’ were okay, I guess, nothing fancy. Joe Manganiello did some serious overacting at times, but he’s cut and the girls seem to like him, so I guess that’s something.

I’ve heard some discussons about the movie before I saw it, about it being a new kind of Expendables-ripoff, but I can assure you, it’s nothing like that. Sure, it has a bunch of badass soldier-ish type characters and a lot of gory action, but that’s nothing compared to the rest of what it has. If you don’t believe me, watch the damn movie, ’cause overall, the movie may not have been the greatest film of all time, but it definitely gets the ‘Tango’s Stamp of Approval’.

Need for Speed bannerNext up, we have Need for Speed, another installment of a long line of videogame-based movies, which you all know mostly sucks. So, how did this one do? Well, honestly, I think it’s the best game-based movie so far (apart from Mortal Kombat, obviously!) I’m nt sure as to which NFS-game in particular it’s supposed to be based on, but judging by the title, I’m guessing the first one, and if that’s the case they didn’t do a very good job adapting it, ’cause I remember that game being a racing game more than anything else and sure, there’s a lot of racing in the game but that’s not only the standard ‘point A to point B’ type of racing, but a race to the death of sorts as well. Anyways, I liked the film in general, but it’s not a Top5 favorite car-movies, far from it. At it’s best, it gets a ‘Tango’s Stamp of Maybe I’ll watch it again some day’.

Need for Speed CastAron Paul, however, has stepped out from underneath the shadow of Jesse Pinkman and shown us that he can very well be a true A-lister some day. Not yet, but some day. He shows a lot of potential in this one, and where some people say he’s just grabbing from his old bag of tricks, I would say that he takes what he has, utilizes it into something new and improved. Yeah, his acting is that fancy, and the chemistry he has with his ragtag team of partners (Imogen Poots, Scott Mescudi, Rami Malek among others) is a beautiful comic relief. The bad guy in this one, however, is one of the most generic and misplaced characters I have seen in a long, Long time. Dominic Cooper gives us a stale and utterly boring performance as the racing pro Dino Brewster, the biggest douche to hit the big screen since…. I don’t know, what’s the biggest douche you’ve seen? Him, times three. Sure, he gave somewhat of a good performance as Howard Stark in ..The First Avenger, but that’s nothing to hold over him in this one. In short, he sucked major ass, both as an actor and as a character and what happened to him in the end of the movie, wasn’t justice, it was bologna.

Noah bannerAnd lastly, we have the biblical(?) epic Noahstarring Russell Crowe as Noah. Is this really a biblical movie? Well, yes and no. Sure, we’re given a lot of trite dialogue about the “Creator” and how he made Us in his image and what have you, but we’re also given a backstory (narrated by Crowe) to the imagery of what’s obviously the occurrence of evolution, starting with the Big Bang, all the way up to our time, so I’m guessing… no? I’ve heard talking about Crowe not wanting it to be a biblical film, but given the source material, I’m pretty sure that’s an inevitability.

Noah castAnyway, the movie shows us, from his young years, how Noah’s the last of the line of Seth, which is the good part of the ‘Adam and Eve’ family tree, with Cain and Abel being the other two. It also shows a lot of magical stuff happening, such as a flower popping up from nothing but a single drop of rain, rock-monsters (who previously looked like angelic aliens?) known as Watchers and a King who’s hell bent on killing Noah and getting on the Ark. Yeah, there’s a lot going on in this film and at times, it’s just boring as hell. Some parts of it, they could’ve just let them go, cut them out all together, but I’m guessing the movie would’ve been too short otherwise. The best parts about the film, is the performance of both Anthony Hopkins (Methuselah) and Russell Crowe. They both deliver every line they have with such grace and perfection. It’s not strange at all, that they both have been called the best actors in the world at times. The cast of this film is not the greatest, but far from the worst, I can tell you that. Apart from Crowe and Hopkins, we have Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and Ray Winstone, who all gives us good perfomances, especially Winstone as the mad King, but he as well, is great in everything, so… All in all, this is a film I absolutely not want to see again soon. Some day, perhaps, but I’m not at all anxious about it!

And that’s also all I got for you today, maybe… we’ll see how the night goes. But until next time…… here’s a little treat for you!


Much ado about upcoming films…

Header1Bam, and he’s back…. again… and this time, we’ll take a look at a few upcoming movies and their trailers. So without further delay, let’s just get this over with, shall we…

Let’s start with ‘Edge of Tomorrow‘, a film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, two people caught in a loop… sounds weird, right? Yeah, it kinda looks weird too, but it’s based on a Japanese novel, so who am I to say different? Without having any knowledge about the source material, there’s nothing I can say about it really, other than this… The mech-suit looks ridiculous, the story feels confusing and the choice of actors barely stumbles on decent, but it does, however look like a movie worth the theater-experience, rather than waiting for its DVD/Blu-Ray release.

Oh, and another thing… Tom Cruise on a motorcycle without a helmet? Isn’t that getting kinda old by now?

Next up, we have a little film about a ginormous king called ‘Godzilla‘. If there is a movie that have me stoked for its release, it’s this one. The last teaser we saw was just that… a teaser. We saw destruction, we heard the monster and we could hint at something that looked badass. This time around, we’re shown a bit more of … well.. everything, actually. We get a brilliantly directed V.O by Bryan Cranston, magnificent back-story and a head-on look at the monster itself, and my oh my, it looks to be a success without any peers what so ever!! I’m gonna have to say, though… that everything people are saying about this trailer, about other monsters etc, I have no idea, ’cause I’m not that big a fan to begin with, I’ve only seen like 5 or 6 Godzilla-films before (excluding the last Hollywood-bore) so I’m not in the loop about such things.

And the destruction, though……. yeah, I’m guessing it’s not just the one city that takes it on like in that awful Broderick-version!

Coming in on third, we have a slightly more religious experience. Yupp, I’m talking about ‘Noah‘. As a non-religious person, I’ve never been convinced about a movie about something religious before I’ve seen the film itself, but this time I’m actually pretty excited. The’Noah‘-trailer shows us a bearded man (Noah, Russell Crowe) telling someone that the world will be destroyed, brutality and violence among men and what looks to be a bunch of natural disasters and seeing as it’s one of the oldest stories ever told, we all know why and what is happening, so for once, there are no spoilers in the trailer.

Oh, and the music.. God damn it, if it isn’t epic. It absolutely fits the graphics perfectly!

There you go, one of two posts of today. Tune in later on for yet another trailer-based post. Who knows what I’ll be talking about then….