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Edge of Tomorrow – Quick review

Edge of Tomorrow banner

Wow, okay…. so as promised, here’s a quick review on Tom Cruise’s latest….. (can I say Masterpiece?)… achievement. For those of you who’ve read my earlier work, you know how I feel about Tom Cruise’s Oblivion, how it was the “Top Gun” of the 21th century and so on… but now, well, let me just say it like this; Edge of Tomorrow is the best thing that could have happened to Tom Cruise’s last 10 years of his career. How is that for a review? Oh, you want more, heh? Well, here it is then….

As most of you probably already have heard, Edge of Tomorrow has been given a curse. This curse, is that it is continuously being compared to Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day, i.e. it suffers from the “Groundhog Day” syndrome (for those out there who is oblivious to common knowledge, that is that one person relives the same day over and over again). With that said, And with that knowledge at hand, one would assume that just like Groundhog Day, the story would at some point be repetitive and tedious… and yes, one would assume correctly. BUT… and this is a great BUT….. The repetitive storyline is only a small portion of the first act and when the tediousness stops, the movie quickly becomes one of the greatest science fiction-films of our generation. The story (based on the japanese light novel All You Need is Kill) is brilliantly adapted for the big screen and both Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt plays their respective parts fantastically, and sure, we’ve seen Cruise don this type of movie character before, but for miss (or is it Mrs?Blunt, I’m pretty sure she was way out of her ordinary league… but they both did an amazing job and the chemistry between them was even better then what Tom and Nicole had in Days of Thunder, to say the least.

Edge of Tomorrow mid-banner

But what about the application of it all IN the film? Well… first of all, I am far from any kind of expert (you all know this to be true), so I won’t sit here and tell you if something could have been done better or worse, edited faster etc, all I do is give you what I think…. and what I think is this; The music was fantastic, the score is magnificent and well fitted to the entirety of the film. The FX was great. Sure, there was a LOT of CGI but c’mon, even a Rom-Com has CGI these days so who cares, as long as it looks good, and it did! The supporting cast was amazing. It was a long time coming for Bill Paxton to deliver a believable performance on screen (yeah, I’m excluding his part in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on this one), Tony Way’s Kimmel was hysterically out of place but at the same time just right for everything he was a part in, and of course, if Brendan Gleeson is in the movie, how can you NOT drop something about him in a review? You can’t, that’s how… and even if his part in this movie was very small, his performance was off the charts as usual.

Aaaand, there you go…. a quick review on Edge of Tomorrow for you. If you haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend that you do, ’cause it truly is a “Theater MUST” kind of movie. And as I promised time and time again, there will be a lot more postage here on T.T, but until the next one….. would you please jump to my facebook-page Tango’s Thoughts and give it a like… it sure would help the “cause”, if you know what I mean! Until next time….