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Much ado about more upcoming films…

Header1Earlier today, I gave you some thoughts on ‘Edge of Tomorrow‘, ‘Godzilla‘ and ‘Noah‘ and as promised, here is yet another post about upcoming films. This time, I’ve decided to talk a bit about something closer to heart.

To start things off, I’ve decided to talk a bit about the upcoming Michael Bay-crapfest that is the continuation of the Transformers-saga. I call it a crapfest because that’s what it’s bound to be, judging by the fact his past pieces haven’t really been true to form…
Never the less, it is a Transformers-film and as the genuine TF-fan that I am, I just simply have to see it. We where also treated with a trailer for the upcoming (disaster-)film and I don’t really have anything good to say about that. We’re given a sneak-peek at what looks to be the classic Optimus all rusted out… but it’s extremely safe to say that we are only seeing this because the fans was outraged when the first one came out… and I’ll be willing to bet my left nut that after the initial action-sequence, he immediately takes on that “tatted” up custom-form that we’re used to… and FUCK Bay for that one, I ain’t never forgetting that!!!

Tell me that this isn’t going to be a disaster? And no, I’m not even in the slightest impressed by what’s supposed to be Grimlock, no… not even a little!

And then there’s this… what’s been called “The most unnecessary sequel of all time” and I’m inclined to agree. 300: Rise of an Empire, what is it, a sequel, a prequel or some diffused mix of the two? I have no idea and the trailer doesn’t show us anything helpful on the subject. It does, however, look to be one magnificent piece of visuals and I’m pretty darn sure that it will hold up against its predecessor.

Another thing, though… have you ever experienced such a fantastic way of usage for a song? I haven’t! Sure, I’m a die hard Ozzy-fan, but you can’t ignore the fact that it fits Perfectly!

And lastly, I just have to say a few words on this, the Amazing Spider-Man 2… what’s the deal with all the frakking previews? I feel like we’ve been shown the entire film already. It’s almost as if Marvel has lost their magic touch somehow? Please, just let the film run, already, and stop pushing these remixes of previews down our throats, I’m sick of it!!

There, I’ve ranted on enough for one day. Tomorrow is a new day and I’ll be talking a bit about some remakes… or possibly some video games? I don’t know, we’ll just have to wait and see… but until then,………………………….


Much ado about upcoming films…

Header1Bam, and he’s back…. again… and this time, we’ll take a look at a few upcoming movies and their trailers. So without further delay, let’s just get this over with, shall we…

Let’s start with ‘Edge of Tomorrow‘, a film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, two people caught in a loop… sounds weird, right? Yeah, it kinda looks weird too, but it’s based on a Japanese novel, so who am I to say different? Without having any knowledge about the source material, there’s nothing I can say about it really, other than this… The mech-suit looks ridiculous, the story feels confusing and the choice of actors barely stumbles on decent, but it does, however look like a movie worth the theater-experience, rather than waiting for its DVD/Blu-Ray release.

Oh, and another thing… Tom Cruise on a motorcycle without a helmet? Isn’t that getting kinda old by now?

Next up, we have a little film about a ginormous king called ‘Godzilla‘. If there is a movie that have me stoked for its release, it’s this one. The last teaser we saw was just that… a teaser. We saw destruction, we heard the monster and we could hint at something that looked badass. This time around, we’re shown a bit more of … well.. everything, actually. We get a brilliantly directed V.O by Bryan Cranston, magnificent back-story and a head-on look at the monster itself, and my oh my, it looks to be a success without any peers what so ever!! I’m gonna have to say, though… that everything people are saying about this trailer, about other monsters etc, I have no idea, ’cause I’m not that big a fan to begin with, I’ve only seen like 5 or 6 Godzilla-films before (excluding the last Hollywood-bore) so I’m not in the loop about such things.

And the destruction, though……. yeah, I’m guessing it’s not just the one city that takes it on like in that awful Broderick-version!

Coming in on third, we have a slightly more religious experience. Yupp, I’m talking about ‘Noah‘. As a non-religious person, I’ve never been convinced about a movie about something religious before I’ve seen the film itself, but this time I’m actually pretty excited. The’Noah‘-trailer shows us a bearded man (Noah, Russell Crowe) telling someone that the world will be destroyed, brutality and violence among men and what looks to be a bunch of natural disasters and seeing as it’s one of the oldest stories ever told, we all know why and what is happening, so for once, there are no spoilers in the trailer.

Oh, and the music.. God damn it, if it isn’t epic. It absolutely fits the graphics perfectly!

There you go, one of two posts of today. Tune in later on for yet another trailer-based post. Who knows what I’ll be talking about then….

Movie-tip of the week! ( Buy it/Forget it #1)

Sunday everybody, and that means that the week is coming to a close. So I thought that I should start up this whole Movie-tip anew, and what better, than to give you what I’ve watched over the course of the past week!

As you probably figured out by yourselves, I watch a whole lot of movies, some good, some horrible and some great ones. This week have not been any different, so without further ado, here you go, one for the Buy it-column and one for the Forget it-column..

Whip It (2009) – Ellen Page plays Bliss Cavendar, the indie-rock loving misfit who’s unhappy with her life as it is and finds her passion through roller derby. Pretty basic plot, but the thing that keeps your interest peaked are the characters and the way they handle everyday as it comes. Whip It is the Directorial Debut of Drew Barrymore and the Page is joined by Kristen Wiig, Zoë Bell, Andrew Wilson and Drew Barrymore herself, among others. This is a movie I feel belong in the shelf and the Watch-it-again-value is extremely high, if you let it breath for a couple of months, so it’s a definite Buy-it!

The Trip (2010) – Steve Coogan is not at all a favorite actor of mine, but he haven’t really felt as a bad one either. So, when I watched the trailer for The Trip, I thought to myself; Give it a shot! So I gave it a shot, and I was not amused. Steve Coogan, along with Rob Brydon, travels around the country visiting a number of restaurants to write reviews for a magazine, which gives us a movie that rely completely to dialogue if it where to be any good… but it fails miserably! The only thing that gave me even a hint of a chuckle was the Michael Caine-impersonations you see in the trailer below. So, as a conclusion; Boring plot (if you can call it that), boring acting and lame dialogue. All in all, this is one for the Forget it-column.

That’s it for now, ladies and germs, but I’ll be back soon with more goodies for you! But until then… Peace!