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Casting of beloved characters – What’s wrong with Hollywood?

Ok, I’ve been gnawing at this for some time now and I think it’s time to let it out, to put the cards on the table. And let me start this whole thing off with a ‘What the !!#@*$ is wrong with Hollywood these days?! I mean, yeah sure, they make a lot of great casting choices, like Russell Crow in Noah, Joel Kinnaman in Robocop and Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy, those casting choices are (to me) as solid as Vin Diesel in the Fast-series or Hugo Weaving in V For Vendetta. But lately, it seems that every single casting director worth while has either been laid off or is on drugs.

What the @!!*$$# am I talking about? Well, I’ll tell’ya… it all started (for me, that is) with Gal Gadot being cast as Wonderwoman last year. Sure, after some SERIOUS consideration, the choice doesn’t sound quite as it did back then, but I’m still not convinced. And some time ago, we got the news that would break the fan-base in shatters… Jesse …. F*N…. Eisenberg as Lex Luthor?! I mean, WHAT THE FUCK?!!! What were they thinking? Or… what the FUCK are they thinking?! This is something I will NEVER STAND BEHIND, no matter what frikkin argument you throw at me. There is no Chris’n way that this can ever work. Not even with that lame excuse of a Superman-film that we got last year. No, I’m so far from convinced that not even a million dollars could change my mind even the slightest.
Gal Woman Jesse Luthor

One would think that there weren’t much left to rant about when it comes to such things, right? But noo, there’s more.
We’ve ALL known for a long while now, that the Fantastic Four would be rebooted. Much like the Daredevil-film,  it was just a matter of time, but where Daredevil got its own TV-show, Fantastic Four will get their well deserved big screen-reboot and so, the search for cast members was on. Well, it’s over now, I guess….

Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara will be helming the sibling characters of Johnny and Sue Storm respectively. Does anyone see anything wrong with that? I mean, aren’t they brother and sister? Yeah, they are. Then, what in the world would possess the casting director to cast a black (oh, did I mean African-American? Sorry ’bout that) man to portray a white girls brother? Fuck if I know, but I do know this. It… Is.. WRONG!! Do it again and DO IT RIGHT!! Motherfuckers!!!
Fantastic BARF casting
As for that, I really don’t have anything more to say other than this… Don’t they all look like something straight off a Disney Channel TV-show? Frikkin younglings, God damn it!!

Well, I think that will do for this rant, or do you want more? Let me know if you want more, ’cause I have more!


Guardians of The Galaxy first trailer.

It has finally arrived, the first Real look on Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy. And I have to say… it looks good. At least so far….

GOTG Banner

I want to start off by saying that I have never really been acquainted with the Guardians before, all I know about’em is what I’ve seen in various cartoons (like Ultimate Spider-Man etc.) so I’m not quite sure as to how to react to the trailer. With that said, I think it’s fairly safe to say that, judging by the trailer, this movie will have a bigger comedic element to it than previous Marvel-films.

The GuardiansIf they have chosen a more comedic route (unless they are supposed to be funnier than say.. Thor or Iron Man, I don’t know?), I feel that Chris Pratt is the perfect (if not only) choice for Star-Lord. As for the other characters, Dave ‘Batista’ Bautista looks great as Drax and Zoe Saldana proves yet again that alien females are hot with her Gamora and for a talking tree, who could’ve been better than Vin Diesel? No one, that’s who. The depth of Diesel’s pipes is a perfect match for Groot. Too bad we didn’t get to hear what Bradley Cooper will do with his Rocket Raccoon, that’s one thing I’m excited for!

Some other faces I was pretty surprised to see in the trailer was Djimon Hounsou and John C. Reilly. Don’t get me wrong, both Hounsou and Reilly are fan-favorites of mine, but it seems like Reilly’s been going for even more comedy than serious acting over the last few years, so I hope that it won’t be TOO comically driven. I’m guessing we’ll have to wait and see for that one!

As far as the plot goes, we didn’t get to see much of what it will be about, but we know from the end-credits scene in Thor: The Dark World that it will have something to do about the Collector, or Taneleer Tivan, (Benicio Del Toro).

I’m still awaiting the unveiling of their 2nd trailer before I cast my vote on how the movie  will end up but so far, it looks good. What do you think? Let me know!

Lycans and Hollywood – Wolves

Many a time, we’ve seen the legend of the lycanthrope hit the screens. The last “big” title concerning the wolf to man-phenomenon was The Wolfman from 2010, and whereas that one received rather mixed bags from both critics and fans, it was inevitable that Hollywood would try again. And now, with Jason Momoa at the helm, it looks like they’ll finally be giving us something good.

I give to you the trailer for the upcoming Wolves, starring Jason Momoa, Lucas Till and Stephen McHattie. Personally, I’m excited about it….

Let me know what you think, let’s compare thoughts, yes?