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Throwback Thursday – Thrashin’ !

Wow, time really flies when you don’t have any internet-access, huh? Yeah, that’s the reason why I haven’t been writing for a while… I’ve been locked in a metaphorical stone age-cage for a week or so. But I’m back, and with that, another addition for the OH so trendy Throwback Thursday. And since I haven’t done anything noteworthy in the past (publicly known, that is), the TBT here on Tango’s Thoughts will be about something from the past that still “haunts” me (Tango), for good or bad. This time, it’s about something Really good. Oh yeah, baby…. I’m talkin’ about¬†Thrashin’, the 1986 classic skateboard-frenzy, starring Josh Brolin, Robert Rusler and one fantastically beautiful Pamela Gidley.

When I first saw this movie back in the late -80s, my mind was blown whole. I wanted to be like Corey (Brolin) when I grew up, skating all day, without a care in the world. Sure, as a kid, I had no idea that he actually did have a lot to worry about. In fact, the entire movie is a struggle for Corey, from the moment he laid eyes on the enchanting Chrissy (Gidley) down at the boardwalk, because everyone knows that, being from the ‘Valley’, you had no business with the Daggers, which was the case for this Chrissy, being the younger sister of the “ruthless” (read: corny) leader of the Daggers, Hook, a.k.a Tommy (Rusler). But hey, even skate-gangs gotta have something to live for, right? And the Daggers pretty much live for the recklessness that is the 80s, with the collective housing-situation, partying all night, wreaking havoc on “breakers” and the skateboard that (apparently) pays the bills. And being a out-of-towner shacking up with a friend, preparing for a few skateboard-competitions, as well as falling head over heels in love with the “enemy”, things go pretty much downhill from that point on (<— pun intended on the ‘downhill’-part).

Anyways, the main-story aside, this movie has pretty much what one would expect from a movie of the 80s, from the hair, to the music (main theme is performed by none other than Meat Loaf) as well as the corny characters and the obvious plot-points. But I did fall in love with the movie back then, and it kinda stands as my biggest guilty-pleasure today, as I can watch it over and over again without ever thinking lesser of it. So, if you haven’t seen this one, it’s a definite Must-watch and YES, it does have the Tango’s Stamp of Approval. So without further ado, here’s the trailer, and, if you find the time, look it up (I think you can find the whole movie on Youtube)….

Oh, by the way… I have to give a special Shout-out to Pamela Gidley, for making me as a boy, know what it feels like to have the tingles in the pants-area. She was my first on-screen love, yepp, that she was!!

And there you go, as a starter-up after my unintentional hiatus, a few words on the movie that shoved me toward manhood. Stay tuned for more goodies soon… but until then, watch¬†Thrashin’, you won’t regret it!