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#HerFirstBlackGuy – A Tango’s Thoughts quick-review

Ever been on a blind date? The awkwardness that comes with it is already unbearable but when a guy meets a woman and there’s skin color involved, things might just be a little more awkward than usual. Here are some thoughts on Christopher T. Wood’s latest short, directed by Sam Auster, Her First Black Guy.

Her First Black Guy posterKevin (Wood) reluctantly goes on a blind date with a woman, Claire (Caroline Fogarty),which he calls a Never-woman (never left the state, never finished college, never dated a black guy etc.) and when she arrives, sure enough, the awkwardness is what’s expected, but it doesn’t take long until black guy after black guy comes along, making it all the more awkward for poor Kevin and his perfectly toned skin.

There’s not really that much to say about this film that wouldn’t spoil it for you so I’ll keep this short and sweet. It was great seeing Wood interact with other people on screen. And the rest of the cast brings just the perfect kind of awkwardness to the scene that really makes Wood shine and Auster directs Wood and the rest of the cast with brilliance. From Claire’s superhype to the darkness of Special Agent Sams, everyone involved delivers their lines great and on point. The settings of a dimly lit bar is somehow ominous but relatable. To make this even shorter and sweeter, everything is where it’s supposed to and the performances throughout is on point and Mr. Wood can count this his 2nd short to receive the ‘Tango’s Stamp of Approval’. Hey, Chris, time to write a feature length so you can get thePlatinum-stamp, ’cause your writing is too good for shorts…. in my honest opinion!

I highly suggest that, if you get a chance to see it, Take it! If you’re around (or like to travel), they are one of the opening shorts for Austin Film Festival, on Thursday, October 29th at 7:10pm in the Rollins Theater!!

There you go, a short for a short! Next up on my agenda is something a little bit bigger, as I finally got to see The Rock’s San Andreas, but more on that tonight!