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Halloween-season is here once again, and in honor of it, I’ve decided that October is the horror-month of the year. I will be looking in to one horror-movie every day, starting tomorrow, October 1st, all the way to Halloween on October 31st. We’ll be starting everything up tomorrow with a remake of a Universal-classic.. The Wolfman !

So sit back, enjoy the ‘show’ and please… Don’t creep up on me while I’m in the zone, I’m very easily frightened!

A shoutout to all followers!

I want to say to all my followers; If you would all be so kind and recommend me to your friends, family or to anyone, for that matter, It would be greatly appreciated. Help spread the words of Tango out into the world!

Thank you!!

Tango’s SUB – – What-up?!

Hey, hi… yo! How y’all doing?
Is that how he greets you? It’s not? Well, who cares? He’s not in charge, is he… oh, oops, yeah he kinda is, isn’t he?i! Haha…. naaah, I’m just kiddin’..

Well well… As it turns out, Hank (you know, THE BOSS), is out of,… do I say it as nicely as possible…… out of commission for a few days, where he has left me in charge.  There you go, why I’m here. And who am I? I’m, the guy behind that lazy “artwork” Tango uses on his posts. And you are?

Hollywood nostalgia!

Introductions aside now… the plan was for me to do ONE review every day I stayed in “charge”, but I’d rather do something else…. I thought that we would have some fun together. So how about we (I actually don’t really know how many followers TT have?) would do a kind of Interactive game, you know, together…..

Let’s begin, okay….. So, as the latest decision we’ve received from SF (Svensk Filmindustri / Swedish Film industry), the decision to NOT show One particular movie in the theatres has been made. The fans are outraged because they have been waiting for this movie since the last one in the series came out (which was in June 2004) and they are ALL  eager to see how the studio would take the (title)character from where they last left him. And here, my friends (?), is where You come in to it all… which movie am I really talking about? Do you need a few hints, maybe? Well okay then… you did ask pretty nicely, after all….

Hollywood Skyline

Hint numero ONE; The actor portraying the character in question, is in the midst of shooting another film in one of his long-running series of films….

El hinto number DOS: It’s an acquiring voice, to say the least…….

Third hint: The actor can’t seem to loose the Furious side of him…..

You have it? Leave your comments below then, and let the interactions begin! I hope you all partake in this conundrum of a task, and if you think you know the answer (to the question; Which 2013-movie am I talking about?), leave a comment below. And if not…. it’s you who looses out on what Could be a lot of fun!!