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#Entourage – Thoughts and trailer

In 2004, the show Entourage hit us like a bag of rocks. It was an instant hit among many and it gave us “normal” people sort of an insight of how the world of Hollywood works. Following the exploits of Hollywood’s latest superstar Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his entourage Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) as well as his manager and life long friend Eric ‘E’ Murphy (Kevin Connolly) and his agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), Entourage shows us what transpires behind the behind-the-scenes in Hollywood, how a career is built as well as how easy it can be destroyed.

Entourage banner

The show starts off big with Vincent having a big premiere and his career taking off, and over the course of 8 seasons we get to see how he rises to a kind of million-dollar choose-your-own-project stardom, battling bad career moves, resentful directors, studio execs with a grudge, a drug addiction, relationship issues among other just as heavyhearted decisions, choices and people disrupting what seems to be the easy streets of Hollywood.

This show is a personal favorite and I have watched it start to finish at least three times now and I’m guessing I’ll do it at least three times more before 2026 (do the math!). But why am I talking about a show that’s been off the air for 4 years? Easiest question so far this year! I’m talking about the Entourage-show now because the Movie Entourage is coming towards us fast! Come June 4th, the latest exploits of Vinnie Chase and his entourage hits the world for the first time feature-length and as that date approaches, i thought it be good to binge the show again, you know, for good measure.

But, as the show is a personal favorite, it does come with some less good things. I won’t be doing a complete rundown on everything negative, but I’ll give you a few neg’s to keep you going and the first one, which also happens to be the worst one (to me, at least), is how Ari is treated by his wife. Melissa Gold (Perrey Reeves) may be beautiful but she is also a bitch. Not in any galaxy or solar system known to the human race is a man supposed to be berated by his wife because someone else is having an affair. It’s just not right. And the way his wife and their therapist gangs up on poor Ari in therapy is just a travesty.
Another thing that kept bothering me (the first time I watched it) is how the crew keeps making bad decisions career wise. Ari keeps saying that to stay on top, Vince needs to do a studio movie (meaning a movie with a big budget and a big studio’s support behind it) but Vince keeps going toward indie-films (which is not a good idea if you want to be a star, apparently) and even with ‘E’s well-intentioned know-how gnawing in the background, they keep wanting to work with the most deranged character I’ve ever seen on television, the “brilliant” but utterly insane indie-director Billy Walsh (Rhys Coiro). It just seems that after the first time it failed, they should know not to do it again but they just keep going in for more after more after more, to the point where I wish I could just pop in to the show and slap some sense into them.
There’s also the way they all berate each other, but that’s kinda how a close knit group of friends work I suppose, it just gets old at times.
I’m also not too fond of how they wrote the character of Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase (Dillon), Vincent’s older brother. In 32 years of living, I have never met such a neurotic, disfuntional and unwell person like ‘Drama’. Everything about him is an over-the-top cartoonish portrayal of what could have been a perfectly funtional side character, but no, they had to make him like this;

Just look at that dude and tell me you actually know someone like that with a straight face… I dare’ya!

But enough with the negativity and on to some good things, and what better thing to start off with than to give kudos where deserved! The main cast (Grenier, Connolly, Dillon, Ferrara, Piven) plays their characters flawlessly. With every season, they all bring something new to the table, whether it’s Turtle crying, Ari showing his sensitive side or Vince feeling insecure, they always deliver what we’ve come to expect and more.

The essence of Ari GoldNext positive thing I wanna say a few words about is Jeremy Piven. Sure, everyone in this show does their jobs brilliantly but Jeremy Piven, oh wow, does he bring home the bacon on this one! He has never been someone I cared much for, but in Entourage he’s the one that kept bringing me back for more. His berating every single person outside his marriage, to the loyalty he has toward Vince (even when Vince and the crew shows him none) and the love and sincere devotion he has for his family, the character of Ari Gold is a work of art, and if I ever met Piven in real life, I’m pretty damn sure I would call him Ari by mistake, just by him being so awesome in the part! His mannerisms, his brutal language, his grin, it’s all just amazing and I can’t wait to see him on the big screen!

Speaking off, have you guys seen the trailer? To give it a quick-shot review; It looks like a hit show with a feature length-budget.
Which it kinda is, I suppose, but damn…. as a fan of the show, I can’t hardly contain myself in anticipation of this film. And yeah, that means I’m longing for this movie more than ..Age of Ultron (take that, nerds)!
Anyway, the trailer shows us pretty much what one would expect, parties, girls, dumb lines andcelebrity cameos up the ass! Oh, and the plot, of course, Vince wanting to direct which seems to be a slight pain in the side for Ari Gold, recent studio head.
Like I said, I can’t wait to see it, but before anyone of us gets to do that, here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure!

So, I won’t be taking up any more of your time, ’cause I have a movie to watch right now. But… that just means you have to waste more time on my words later on, if you want to read my review on Robot Overlords, so until then…..

#SpiderMan is back where he belongs!

And there it is, the official announcement of something I’ve known was coming since the very first Sony-leak last year. Yeah, Spider-Man has officially come home to Marvel, where he belongs, and fans all over the world unites in a louder-than-hell ‘Finally!’…
Avengers welcomes Spider-Man

All is well with the world now that Spider-Man has finally joined the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and as far as The Amazing Spider-Man-franchise, well, the first one I really liked, but after that last one (… you can read right here what I thought about that…), I’d say that this is exactly what the franchise needs and more…

Civil War Spider-Man CapBut what does this really mean for the friendly neighborhood wallcrawler? As it is right now, the Spider-Man title is a shared one, with Spidey appearing in one yet undisclosed MCU-title and later on, in 2017, in a Sony-produced film (co-produced by Kevin Feige & co. at Marve)l. This sounds like the most decent way to go about it all, I think. But what MCU-film will be appear in? My money is on Captain America: Civil War, given the weight of his part in that particular story-line in the comics. The story just couldn’t work without him….. well, at least that’s what I think. Sure, they could most certainly do a ‘Hollywood’ and change up the entire story, but to leave Spider-Man out of it would just be a damn shame, and that’s the opinion of both me as a cinephile And as a comic book-fan.

alas, this deal to bring Spidey into the MCU also means that they will be recasting the part. This, however, I’m not a big fan of. I think Andrew Garfield is the perfect Spider-Man and I know a lot of people out there agrees with that. But hey, at least the guys over at Marvel knows what they’re doing when it comes to casting their characters. RDJ’s Tony Stark/Iron Man is magnificently good, Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers/Captain America is brilliant and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is out of this world (no pun intended) so I really have no problem with it other than that I love Garfield in the part and I’m sure that whoever steps in to his shoes is going to be good in’em. But who will it be? Let’s take a stroll down Fantasy Cast-lane and see what mr. Tango thinks about it…

Miles Morales Spiderman Donald GloverFirst off, we don’t know in the slightest which Spider-Man they’ll be incorporating into the MCU, if they’re sticking with ‘The Amazing‘ or if they’re going a different route, with ‘Spectacular’ or even, say… ‘Ultimate‘s Miles Morales. If that’s the case, then by all means, have Donald Glover sign on the dotted line as soon as meta-humanly possible! Why? Because it’s the only viable option right now. Who else are you gonna cast? Jaden Smith? Pff, no way, it’s Donald or no one!

Another option, if they want to stay with someone goofy-esque like Garfield’s Parker, Logan Lerman and Michael Angarano both feel like they could do a decent job of it. However, I feel that with the MCU as it is today, a more world-weary Spider-Man seems like a good fit so this is not the way I want them to go but if they do, both Lerman and Angarano would work.

Here comes someone every single one of you know I’m gonna drop… yeah, Joseph Gordon Levitt. Why? Because he wold actually do a fantastic job with the character, whichever way they want him to be in the MCU. Goofy, wheathered, sprawling, you name it and JGL can do it, and that’s not even a debate, that’s a fact and you all know it. But….. if JGL ever were to suit up in the realm of superhero movies, I’d rather prefer he do it as Nightwing in the upcoming DCCU (DC Cinematic Universe), ’cause that would be so freakishly awesome!

Amazing Spider-Man Robbie Amell Scarlet SpiderNow, we’re down to my last cast of today, and this is something that I would really want to happen in the MCU. They should stay on the ‘Amazing‘-path that they’re already on and use Peter Parker for a few movies and later on, introduce Ben Reilly to the fold. This would make for some amazing storylines and some fantastic films to boot, because who doesn’t love Scarlet Spider? I know I do! And if this were to happen, the only one I feel can do it is the (now) The Flash-alumn Robbie Amell. He feels like just the right fit for this Spidey-extravaganza. With just the right amount of rugged pretty-boy looks and attitude to go with it, he seems to me like a perfect fit to portray both Peter Parker and later on Ben Reilly as the Scarlet Spider.

Anyway, there you have some of my thoughts on this fantastic announcement. What’ya think? Any of what I said make sense? Let me know down below, and as always, more goodies coming soon but until then….

#TheWalkingDead – Tango’s The Walking Thoughts pt.1

As the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead drew near, I started binge watching the show from the start, and when doing so, there’s been a few things that stuck with me more than others. Keep in mind now that I have never read the comics, but here are some of my thoughts on the show, starting from Shane’s psychotic break up until episode 9 of season 3, entitled The Suicide King (more or less). And so, without further ado, I give to you…

The Walking Thoughts banner

Shane and Rick - Forest ambushThe character of Shane, played by Jon Bernthal, was far from a favorite of mine. From the scene in the car in the beginning, to the very end, I thought he was a dick and all I wanted to do was throw my fist in his face. I’ve heard a lot of people who’ve read the comics say that Bernthal portrayed the character brilliantly, and if so, kudos. I also did somewhat enjoy his performance toward the end when he snapped. Bernthal gave us a visualization beyond others of how a mind can get twisted and turn on yourself, so props for a good performance there. But after he snapped and lured Rick out through the forest to kill him, and his plan backfired, I was relieved that Shane was out of the picture. One of the best Yes!-moments of the show, in my opinion. His “return” as Rick’s hallucination in the Woodbury-bonanza was pretty nice though, with him looking all Wolverine-like but luckily that was over as soon as he pulled the trigger.

Another thing that I’ve been noticing throughout the show is, that whenever they are attacked by walkers, everyone seems to be crack shots, taking the walkers out with headshot after headshot from yards away, but every time there’s a shootout “man to man”, like when they attack Woodbury to save Glenn and Maggie in season 3 for instance, no one seems to be hitting anything (with the exception of Rick’s gun slingin’ in the bar) and I can’t seem to think that there’s something wrong with that picture? It’s not because their targets are moving, ’cause the walkers move pretty sporadically, so there’s gotta be just one of those things we’ve gotten used to in the 80’s action movies, where the bad guys never hit anything but the good guys does. Or is it, simply enough, the people behind the show not wanting to shed “human blood”? Like, killing walkers is fine and dandy, but not the humans? If so, I think they should take a good hard look on their reasoning behind it.

David Morrissey The Governor insaneSpeaking of Woodbury, how about that Governor, huh? Damn, that’s one deranged man, I gotta say. Sure, I get that anyone would go through some serious changes in their personality when loosing a child, but to keep his daughter locked up in a straight-jacket behind a grating? And top that off with him keeping severed heads in fish tanks? Yeah, that dude is severely messed up in the head, I’ll tell ya! David Morrissey does a bang-up job of it, though, delivering one hell of a performance. And even though the character actually sucks donkey balls (in terms of being a good or bad guy, that is), he is an intriguing character none the less. Sure, the series slowed down a bit at the beginning of the season, which I blame the Governor for, but it picks up pretty good after a while, which I also kinda blame the Governor (and his insanity) for. So good on ya, sorry you had to loose an eye, though! Which happens during one badass brawl between the Governor and Michonne, by the way. Speaking of, why did they brawl? Well, that one’s kinda simple to answer. They brawl because Michonne finds Penny, the Governor’s daughter, trapped behind the grating, snarling, hooded and chained, and (pardon my language here) as the dumb b*tch she is, she didn’t think twice about Why that snarling, hooded girl was chained? Yeah, dumbass b*tch! Anyway, the Governor, or Philip, walks in just as she’s about to samurai the girl to death and the brawl ensues. There you go. And I still, after seeing Michonne unlashing Penny’s chains three of four times now, can’t for the life of me understand WHY the Hell she did that?! Just dumb, is what it was…..

This thought-ramblin’ is coming to an end so I thought I’d leave you with a few lesser thoughts before I go, with the first one being a two-fer. When Shane died I said ‘Yes’ quietly to myself, but when both Andrea and Lori died, I quietly shouted ‘YES!!’ and made a fist in the air. From the very beginning of the show, these two ladies have gotten on my nerves so many times that I can’t even count so when they both died, I was a happy man!! Hated them both. The characters, though, Not the actresses. They both did fine, or… maybe more than fine? Maybe that’s why I hated them so much, ’cause both Sarah Wayne Callies and Laurie Holden did a fantastic job with their characters? Hmm, never thought about that ’til now. Huh, anyways, the last thing I’m thinking about today is, after Hershel looses his leg (in a badass way none the less), Scott Wilson, who plays Hershel, most likely was wearing one of those now infamous green screen-socks so they could digitally remove his lower leg, but in one scene (maybe more, I have’t noticed) in episode 9, The Suicide King, you can clearly see his leg still being there, shining through the digital removal, just below his knee. It’s nothing big, really, I just thought it was a fun little mistake they made, that’s all…

Anyways, that’s all for now, I think….. Yeah, that’s all I have for you tonight, but I’m actually gonna go watch some more TWD right now, so be sure to tune in later for The Walking Thoughts pt.2, coming maybe sometime next week(?), but until then…